ECCC (Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign) e-Pledge Application Prior Art Database Disclosure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146352D
Publication Date: 12-Feb-2007
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The e-Pledge application is part of the IBM ECCC system which features a customized email invitation, a pledge application, and ECCC reporting. Access to the e-Pledge application is via the customized email invitation and secured by the IBM Intranet Password. The e-Pledge application architecture provides quick and easy pledge capability for all IBM employees who elect not to participate, create/continue/change a payroll deduction gift and pledge a stock or check gift.


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ECCC (Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign) e-Pledge Application

Disclosed is an system that allows the IBM corporation to manage an employee annual national fundraising event electronically on the IBM Intranet. Through the ECCC e-pledge web application, IBM employees can donate electronically by selecting their methods of giving and charities from the IBM Employee Charity List.

Highlights of the e-Pledge application form

Includes current year deduction/prior year pledge information displayed on top of the form and populated dynamically into the e-Pledge form entry fields so that employees will not need to reenter any charity data.

Supports payroll and nonpayroll gift methods, as well as a combination of the two.

Supports both fixed dollar and percent of salary payroll deductions.

Advanced charity search and selection facility. The charity search facility allows for quick and easy methods to find a charity. This includes the ability to search within a specific state or all states, and the ability to search the charity list using multiple methods. This facility also provides an efficient process of selecting multiple charities.

Up to eight charity selections per gift method (includes a maximum of two donor choice charities per gift method).

Detailed pledge verification screen. The e-Pledge verification screen displays complete detailed deduction information regardless of the type of pledge.

Percentage giving allows both percent and dollar increases while keeping donor as percentage giver.

Comprehensive help facility. Help links are available throughout the application.

Allows employees to request gift acknowledgement from the agency they are donating to (payroll gifts only).

Supports Special Needs (JAWS, Home Page Reader), IBM usability standards, and


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various O/S, browser configurations.

e-Pledge form contribution options

The e-Pledge form allows all regular and regular part-time employees to set up a new contribution, to change their current contribution and/or charity information, to make a one time contribution, to continue their current semimonthly contribution, or decline participation in the campaign. These options are all presented in the first page of the application where the Contribution Decisions section is presented....

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