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Disclosed is a system for developing a responsive single-page Web application.


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Method for creating a responsive single -page web application

Disclosed is a system for developing a responsive single-page Web application. This system improves the usability, and reduces the network traffic.

Web applications have disadvantages:
Usability: Web applications are based on the "click-wait-refresh" model, users have to click links many times to navigate Web pages while processing Web applications. Each time they have to wait until a new Web page is loaded. Web applications cannot provide rich experiences for users.

Network traffic: Even if only part of the current display differs from the last one, the entire HTML file will be sent to the client. This limits the server's scalability, and also increases the amount of network traffic.

This system solves the above disadvantages by using an IFRAME tag and a JavaScriptâ„¢ program.

After receiving request from a Web browser, typical Web application servers send the entire HTML page (Left of Fig 1). This system sends a JavaScript program (Right of Fig
1). The original form page contains an IFRAME, and the target attribute of the FORM tag is set to the IFRAME's id. After receiving the JavaScript program, the Web browser executes the program and modifies the Web page.


FirstName: ............(omitted).................

Fig 1

The following is an example of...

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