Method For Logging Reclaimed Objects In Object Oriented Programming Languages Prior Art Database Disclosure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000213427D
Publication Date: 14-Dec-2011
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Disclosed is an efficient method to log reclaimed objects in object oriented programming languages and use this information to improve performance and scalability.


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Method For Logging Reclaimed Objects In Object Oriented Programming Languages

The functions of object allocation and garbage collection when an object is no longer accessed are characteristics of object oriented programming languages. There are several methods to map live objects in a heap (e.g., heap dumps, core dumps, live object profiles). Object allocation profiles track the total allocated objects within a heap, both reclaimed and live. These profiles also provide live objects. Profiling is heavily taxing on the central processing unit (CPU) and the performance of a system.

The current disclosure proposes a logging mechanism for reclaimed (i.e., garbage collected objects) in a simple and efficient way. This information is going to be used for scalability: monitoring reclaimed objects in the heap shows the scalability of a system (heap needed). It is also useful for regression tracking: tracking trash and not live objects helps point out startup time regressions, throughput regression, and reduced scalability.

The disclosure consists of two parts:

PART I: Log reclaimed objects. This is performed between garbage collection sweeps (GCS) by the mark and sweep process that marks objects no longer used.

PART II: Use logging information to improve performance and track regressions; at a specific interval, track reclaimed objects between GCS, find potential memory bottlenecks on throughput.

This is a simple and efficient method to log reclaimed objects and use this...

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