For the first time, organizations can use a single tool to access large libraries of both patent and technical data quickly and simply.

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InnovationQ Plus is our new innovation discovery and analytics platform that indexes the full text of IEEE Periodicals, Conferences, and Standards, which are cited in patents three times more than any other publisher, alongside a comprehensive, full text global patent database. This provides a single, integrated platform that accelerates an organization’s discovery of key insights and time to market.’s proprietary semantic search technology enables anyone to find valuable content that is buried deep in complex patent and technical documents, resulting in more accurate retrieval that a simple keyword search cannot replicate.

InnovationQ Plus allows users to quickly and easily determine patent strengths and weaknesses, evaluate competition, make legal assessments, and leverage IP business intelligence to support critical portfolio management decisions.

InnovationQ Plus eliminates the need to use complex Boolean syntax to inform retrieval. Instead, the system simply uses a short phrase, a paragraph, or even an entire document to discover highly relevant results and rapidly gain insights.

The Map tool creates a visual representation of results based on concepts and meanings. Visualizing document relationships lets users find whitespace in the marketplace, see what competitors are up to, and find more licensing and acquisition opportunities.

InnovationQ Plus enables IP discovery, analysis, and mapping of patent and non-patent material in one easy-to-use, highly accurate search tool.

InnovationQ Plus allows you to:
  • Analyze your IP’s position in the market
  • Understand and optimize your company’s IP
  • Monetize IP assets
  • Optimize R&D investments
  • Identify industry activity and discover opportunities
  • Assess competitive threats
  • Understand points of differentiation from competitors
  • Evaluate partnerships and licensing opportunities
  • Seamlessly navigate to IEEE Xplore to access IEEE full text documents for further review
Discover and analyze a wide range of content including:
  • IEEE journal articles, conference papers, and standards
  • The most intuitive repository of patent and non-patent documents in the world
  • Licensable technology
  • Other non-patent literature including IBM’s Technical Disclosure Bulletin, PubMed Central and’s Prior Art Database
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