Cost effectively secure your freedom to operate.

Defensive Publication is a cost effective and easy way to protect your freedom to operate and keep your commercialization prospects strong.  It helps companies protect their core intellectual property, while precluding others from “picket fencing” around them. authenticates your digital publication and offers page print options that clearly state when the material was published.

Samples of Defensive Publication in Action:

  • Protect your core IP and broad-based protection by publishing User Guides
  • Protect your supply chain by publishing potential uses for your product precluding your customers from boxing you in through patenting the applications of your product
  • Reduce risk of potential litigation by putting business process and designs into the prior art

Throughout our 15-year history,’s Prior Art Database is the world’s only semantically indexed Defensive Publication database.  This means your disclosures are available to examiners in Patent Offices and search firms around the world.  Coupled with our electronic Prior Art Database, offers a printed Journal with broad distribution around the globe.

Benefits of Defensively Publishing with

  • Secure your freedom to operate
  • Shield against NPEs
  • Reduce prosecution costs
  • Block your competition from granting patent applications
  • Improve patent quality in your industry
  • Instantly produce defensible prior art
  • Retain copyright to the publication

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