Know more, be more: The Prior Art Database.’s Prior Art Database is an essential source of Non-Patent literature for IP professionals, IP attorneys, corporate research and development staff, corporate libraries, and universities.

With content exclusive to, the Prior Art Database (PAD) is dedicated to providing the world with access to prior art technical-disclosure documents. Its sole purpose is to enable the creation of, and access to, prior art documents.

The PAD is home to a wide array of technical disclosures from many Fortune 100 to 500 companies. In addition to anonymous publications from many prominent companies, you will find disclosures published with full authorship information from innovative companies such as IBM, Motorola, Siemens, and many more. The Prior Art Database is also the exclusive location for new IBM (TDB) Technical Disclosure Bulletin documents on the Web.

Publishing your technical disclosures to the PAD offers the ultimate strategy in defensive publishing. It is fast, easy, and cost effective.

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