Distributed Key Management System Installation and Customization Guide

An IBM Redbook Publication
IBM Redbook Form Number: GG24-4406-01
ISBN: 0738408085
ISBN: 9780738408088
Publication Date: 01-Jul-1995
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Cees Kingma - Author


Attention: We are preparing an updated second edition of this IBM Redbooks publication that will be available shortly (as of December 4th). Stay tuned for some excellent updated content on the IBM Encryption Key Management Foundation.

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This document is unique in its detailed coverage of key management or cryptographic systems. It begins by explaining key management and why it is important in cryptographic installations. An overview of the IBM Distributed Key Management System (DKMS) offering is presented next. The reader is then guided through the installation procedures for both the host part and the workstation part of DKMS. The customization is described using scenarios of key hierarchies for some "typical" cryptographic devices.

This document was written for technical professionals involved in implementing the IBM Distributed Key Management System. Some knowledge of cryptography and key management is assumed.



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