Do you need to worry about litigation?

Not if you have a smart, thorough search behind you.’s invalidity search uncovers patents or other published prior art that might render a granted patent invalid. We deliver a full search report, a claims-mapping chart, and electronic copies of any prior art cited.

Why you should conduct an Invalidity/Validity search:

  • Invalidate blocking patents
  • Complete due diligence regarding a patent, patent portfolio, or pending patent application

Objective of an Invalidity/Validity search:

  • To identify prior art, published before the earliest priority date of the target patent, to find specifications that read on the claims of the target patent’s search coverage includes:

  • Patents
  • Published patent applications
  • Appropriate non-patent literature

You only need to provide:

  • The patent number and earliest priority date for the target patent
  • The specific claims you would like to invalidate
  • Any known related art (often the results of earlier searches)
  • Any additional information regarding litigation that will help guide the search strategy

Turnaround time is usually quick, but ultimately depends on the specifications you provide. Typical delivery time is about two weeks.