It’s a good idea, but is it patentable?

To answer that question, our patentability/novelty search explores not only the granted and published applications of major patent offices, but also domain-relevant, non-patent literature. We then deliver a concise search report that includes citations to sections of any prior art discovered and electronic copies of the referenced documents.

When you should conduct a Patentability/Novelty search:

  • Before you file a patent application
  • During the invention review cycle
  • While drafting claims

Objective of a Patentability/Novelty search:

  • To discover and identify all art published prior to an invention and provide documentation with citations and excerpts from all references found’s search coverage includes:

  • Patent and non-patent literature sources in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other WIPO PCT countries
  • Other sources upon request

You only need to provide:

  • A paragraph or single-page description of the invention, with the novel steps clearly delineated (drawings are often helpful)
    - or -
  • A provisional or patent application draft, with the primary inventive steps (the embodiment or claims that the search is focused on) clearly delineated
    - or -
  • For a pharmaceutical or industrial chemical search, a document with the novel structure(s), compound(s), and/or composition(s).

Typical delivery time is five to seven business days.

If your corporation has a high rate of innovation (for example, if you have an invention review committee and/or incentive programs), you may want to consider our Enterprise Patentability Service.