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Our proprietary solutions fulfill the intellectual property needs and leverage the opportunities of leading science and technology industries, as well as universities in every sector. Our innovative solutions are offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, minimizing your financial investment while maximizing the time investment of your employees.

InnovationQ for Universities and Research Institutions: An IP and Research Collaboration Tool for Use Across the Entire Institution.
InnovationQ for Universities and Research Institutions (IQU) is our latest SaaS offering. IQU helps you link monetizable research to collaboration and licensing targets around the globe. With this free and confidential service, you upload disclosures or grant applications and expose your research to a vastly broader audience, without compromising security. Using our proprietary Semantic Gist engine, searchers can query against your confidential data, but find only non-confidential abstracts in results.

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InnovationQ for Corporations (IQC): IP Business Solutions for Corporations
Our development team has finalized a corporate solution to help you monetize, strategize, and discover business opportunities for your intellectual property, as well as better understand your competitive position in global markets. The tool combines proprietary content, business analytics, and semantic search capabilities to uncover new ways for you to capitalize on your intellectual property.

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