IP Discovery That’s
Powerful and Profitable

InnovationQ combines the power of semantic and precision search to rapidly sift through big data to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant patents, applications, and non-patent literature. The results enable organizations to make critical business decisions around patentability, freedom-to-operate, IP market landscape, and competitive intelligence.

InnovationQ is a powerful business intelligence tool. In addition to rapid and precise search, it includes a global corporate tree, powered by S&P Market Intelligence; a dynamic semantic map that enables landscape views of relevant information; US litigation data; the contents of IP.com’s Prior Art Database, the first and largest online disclosure service; licensable technology from dozens of universities and patent collections from every major global authority.

InnovationQ enables IP and business intelligence discovery, analysis, and visualization of patent and non-patent material in one easy-to-use, highly accurate search tool. It is an ideal tool for corporations, universities, intellectual property departments, intellectual property law firms, technology transfer offices, patent offices, and R&D strategy teams.

Our sister product InnovationQ Plus has all the power of InnovationQ, as well as access to four million full-text IEEE technical publications, including journals, conferences and standards, providing a single, integrated solution that accelerates discovery of key insights and time to market.


Develop queries using phrases, paragraphs, or entire documents making searching easy and fast. InnovationQ also has sophisticated Boolean filters that help refine and narrow results.


Semantic Gist®, the cognitive retrieval engine behind InnovationQ, sifts through deep data to quickly pinpoint relevant patents, applications, and non-patent literature.


Analytic tools, filters, visualizations, and reports are fast and simple to use. The semantic map enables deeper understanding and analysis of technologies found in a concept space.


Powerful insights allow you to analyze your IP’s position in the market, optimize R&D investments, perform competitive analysis, and evaluate licensing opportunities to monetize your innovations.

A platform every stakeholder can use.

The tool works across the entire innovation spectrum: discovery search, competitive intelligence, portfolio management, and protection. Its user-friendly interface delivers powerful results, intuitive graphics, and executive-class reports at the click of a button.

Access to More Than 100 Million Patent, Applications, and Non-Patent Literature

North America
  • US Patents
  • US Designs
  • US Applications
  • Canadian Patents
  • Canadians Applications
  • European Patents
  • European Applications
  • French Patents
  • French Applications
  • German Patents
  • German Applications
  • Great Britain Patents
  • Great Britain Applications
  • Netherlands Patents
  • Netherlands Applications
  • Luxembourg Patents
  • Denmark Patents
  • Denmark Applications
  • Finnish Patents
  • Finnish Applications
  • Chinese Patents
  • Chinese Applications
  • Indian Patents
  • Indian Applications
  • Japanese Patents
  • Japanese Applications
  • Korean Patents
  • Korean Applications
  • Australian Patent Documents
  • Russian Patents
  • Russian Applications
  • WIPO Applications

InnovationQ – Built for IP Professionals

  • Intellectual Property Departments
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Patent Liaisons
  • Patent Searchers and Examiners
  • Technology Transfer Offices
  • Competitive Intelligence Departments
  • Strategy Teams
  • Global database of 100+ million patents and applications

Search and Discover

Why Semantic Search?

The patented InnovationQ semantic search technology allows users to find valuable content that is buried in complex patent and technical documents, allowing IP professionals to more effectively analyze prior art and increase productivity.

  • Patented search engine developed by experts in machine learning increases researcher and analyst productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Uniquely tuned for IP to traverse documents that are often complex, contain repetitive information, and are worded to protect through obfuscation
  • More comprehensive and accurate document retrieval than a simple keyword search (concepts not keywords)
  • Use words or phrases, a paragraph, or pages of content to discover highly relevant results and insights
  • Search patent and non-patent documents
  • Reduces learning curve and saves time
  • It’s fast, we mean really fast
  • Searches can be done by anyone in your organization

Refine and Review

  • Advanced cognitive semantic analysis
  • Extract the meaning of data
  • Reduce the chances of missing valuable information
  • More information than traditional keyword searching
  • Simply use a short phrase, a paragraph, or even an entire document so queries can be done by anyone in your organization

Visualize and Analyze

  • Map tool provides a visual representation of relevant documents and their connections
  • Interactive graphs allow you to drill deeper by sorting results according to your unique strategy
  • Powerful insights that enable strategic positioning, patent mapping, innovation monetization, and the identification of partnership and licensing opportunities
  • The analytic tools, filters, visualizations, and reports are fast and simple to use. Results are delivered based on meanings within documents, not keyword matches, and displayed in a visual representation of how close they are in meaning to your query and to one another.

Save or Export

  • Generate Reports in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel, perfect for when you need to present data to justify decisions. The Generate Reports function automatically collects relevant charts that look at the technology landscape, competitive activity, trends over time, and geographic data.
  • Save projects to revisit in the future or share
  • Collaboration facility offers a central hub of activity within the platform
  • Create projects and assign access to results, strategies, alerts, and reports
  • Export data for presentations or convenience

InnovationQ works across the entire patent spectrum: discovery search, competitive intelligence, portfolio management, and protection. Because of its user-friendly interface, InnovationQ delivers insightful, intuitive graphics and executive-class reports at the click of a button.