Identify Prior Art to Support Patent Prosecution

Our Trademark Search service helps you determine if your brand can obtain trademark protection. It also identifies competitors that have trademarks that look or sound similar to your own brand.

Utilizing trademarks can be beneficial as they help identify the sources of products or services. They also avoid consumer confusion by registering your expressions, signs, or designs. You can even license your trademarks to others.

Trademark registration provides many benefits and a thorough search is essential to ensuring that you avoid unintentional liability for infringement and protect the sanctity of your own brand.

When Should You Conduct a Trademark Search?

Search Includes:

- A broad examination of U.S. and international trademark resources including common law and internet sources

- Unparalleled expertise: With an average of 15 years of experience in Intellectual Property, our search analysts know how to find the search results that matter to you

What We Need from You


A drawing, photograph or other graphical representation of the mark


A written description of the mark


The market areas (Goods & Services) in which you wish to register the mark