Be visible — without being vulnerable.

InnovationQ for Universities and Research Institutions (IQU) works to securely expand the visibility and value of your research and technology. knows the obstacles universities are facing. Federal funding for research and development is in steep decline, and other sources of funding simply are not bridging the gap. Universities need to adapt quickly to new economic realities. Research offices that have traditionally focused on administering grants must be more aggressive in finding new funds. Corporate relations offices need to better target external partners that can support campus science and innovation. With limited resources to make this shift, how can you, the university, make the most of your research and technology?

IQU increases visibility, collaboration, and monetization.

IQU employs’s sophisticated semantic search engine, enabling you to make your confidential data searchable, without compromising its security. IQU finds the funding opportunities, research collaborators, and licensing targets, in a combination custom-fit to your institution and faculty. With IQU performing this task, your efforts can continue to focus on the science, not the search. In addition, the system provides commercial-grade data encryption while the proprietary security structure protects your data.

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