Identify Prior Art to Support Patent Prosecution

In recent years, companies are more and more reliant on their intellectual property to hit revenue targets, grow and carve out a path for future products and services. Even the smallest companies now consider intellectual property to be a pivotal asset.

Portfolios of intellectual property rights need to be maintained and protected. We live in an age where certain non-practicing entities (companies who do not sell goods and services but rely on litigation to generate revenue) are seeking to prey upon the weakness in your intellectual property rights.

To combat this threat, you need up to date professional services and tools. It’s vital to remain ahead of the curve not just to avoid potentially costly litigation but to avoid being presented with a scenario where a rival company can stop your operations. It is also possible that as fallout from litigation, your patent or other intellectual property rights could be invalidated and this may leave you without a product or service to sell.

It is possible that other companies attack you and try to take away your intellectual property rights. It is also possible that other companies are infringing your rights. This could be a flagrant infringement that requires litigation, or it could be an accidental or minor violation.

In cases where you accidentally infringe someone’s intellectual property rights or someone infringes yours, there are different options to pursue. These options are preferential for both parties to actual legal action. They include licensing or buying patents and forming cross-license agreements and patent pools.

The intellectual property legal system has been built to further innovation. The rights you are granted allow you to profit from your creations and ingenuity. On the other hand, the rights eventually pass to the public and in the meantime agreements between companies offer new products, services, and innovations.

To forge such arrangements with other companies in the event of an infringement, your portfolio must be protected and highly secure. There is no point obtaining a license to a questionable and easily challenged patent. Even if the patent is alright in itself, the lack of professional management will attract litigation and legal challengers who may eventually find a way to invalidate it. This is also true of your intellectual property rights; unless they are adequately protected, a company will be unhappy about paying to purchase a patent or license agreement.

Here at we offer the professional advice, services, and support you need to have a solid and useful portfolio to navigate the modern business world. These services include patentability searches which allow you to determine if you have a good chance of being granted a useful patent before you commit time and resources. We offer prior art searching to ensure the security of your patent claims and to invalidate blocking patents that may be hindering your activities. You can also use these services to deter and counteract attempts to invalidate your patents.

With, you get the support of professionals well versed in all matters relating to intellectual property. We will tailor our services to your goals and obstacles. Our team is backed up by patented innovative technology that takes our searching beyond the traditional limitations. We can search more data, more accurately and give you new solutions regarding refining your results and both viewing and sharing them on a company-wide basis.