Unlock  Limitless Innovation

Schedule an exclusive pre-launch demo of CompassAI is proud to introduce the launch of CompassAI, a cutting-edge generative AI tool designed for problem-solving and structured ideation. Seamlessly integrated into our  industry-leading IQ Ideas+™ platform, CompassAI is set to redefine how inventors, engineers, and enterprises discover and assess solutions of any scale. By combining Semantic and Generative AI technologies, this groundbreaking innovation accelerates ideation processes organically. While these game-changing features will be available to all IQ Ideas+ customers in the second quarter of 2024, seize the chance now to secure an exclusive early access demo.


Next generation innovation workflows

The new features built into IQ Ideas+ 3.0 are tailored to help unlock your team’s potential with our structured ideation workflows powered by CompassAI and cutting-edge IP intelligence.


  • Experience the future of problem-solving with IPS (Inventive Problem Solving) Meta technology, the underlying technology that guides and fuels CompassAI.
  • Revolutionize your innovation process with AI-facilitated ideation, capturing, analyzing, and iterating on high-value ideas with unparalleled efficiency and precision.
  • Safeguard your valuable ideas, inventions, and innovations with our platform, which strictly follows the FAST-OP and NIST framework for enhanced security and compliance.

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