“I had another “IP.com moment” yesterday. I had fifteen minutes to run a search before a meeting. I needed a specific kind of reference, and keyword searching was not going to get me the results in that kind of time. I gave your engine an almost English language description and it returned two spot-on references instantly. I had enough time to print them and even grab a cup of coffee on the way to the meeting.”

LaserMax on InnovationQ

“We have been using IP.com’s tools and services for about a year now and have been very satisfied with the results. In addition to saving time and effort, these capabilities are provided in an easy-to-use format that is readily accessible to managers, engineers, and scientists. InnovationQ has added portfolio management and data visualization to this suite of powerful and accessible search and analysis capabilities. For example, we use the Discover tab to analyze a new invention disclosure to provide an instant prior art study and the Relevance graph to see how unique the invention is and what prior art we should focus on. Our time is spent on understanding the IP issues and opportunities at hand instead of learning the intricacies of a complex tool.”

Kodak Alaris on InnovationQ

“The Technology Vitality Report you did for us was a resounding success. We had two contacts listed, one of which got back and ended up bringing six other people to WPI to hear pitches on not only that technology, but several others. They have told me they want to sponsor research and potentially license a couple of them.”

Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Technology Vitality Reports

“I received an invention disclosure from one of our inventors in which I conducted a patentability search on. I first used a commercial patent search tool for the patent literature portion of my search, and found a few good pieces of prior art; then I turned to IP.com’s Prior Art Database to search the non-patent literature. I wrote a concise description of the invention, and used the semantic search “more like this” which returned 48 documents, I scrolled down the page and found four publications that looked promising. I reviewed each publication in detail and found that one of them was dead on with respect to the invention being searched. Later this document was presented to the inventor and the inventor agreed. This was a great find because we didn’t have to waste any money in prosecution.”

Terumo Cardiovascular on Prior Art Database

“InnovationQ by IP.com is a key tool in our toolbox and is the go-to IP intelligence resource for SUNY’s commercialization and business development professionals. SUNY’s research and IP portfolio is unparalleled breadth expands every disciple. InnovationQ’s easy-to-use cognitive retrieval engine searches over 70 million patents, publications, and other documents so we can quickly and easily assess the patentability of new inventions created by SUNY’s faculty, staff, and students. It also enables us to identify strategic partners, developing relevant, related products, often to very surprising results for SUNY.”

The Research Foundation for SUNY on InnovationQ

“IP.com’s software helps people with complex ideas avoid being sued, an exhaustive process that quickly becomes lengthy and expensive. The duration and cost of a patent lawsuit depends on what idea is stolen and has already patented the innovation. If someone is found guilty of patent infringement, an organization can sue for damages or be paid royalties for all future business deals. Once you get into a lawsuit, the other side will almost always counter that your patent is invalid.”

Simpson & Simpson on InnovationQ

“We have been working with IP.com for about six months, and very happy with their product and also the support service they provide. Our firm spent a great amount of time analyzing the capabilities of various IP platforms in the marketplace, and we found the analytic capabilities within IP.com’s system to be very powerful, providing us results that are very effective. Along with the tool, their customer support has been great, very attentive in supporting our education in the system, as well continuous dialogue regarding specific capabilities, to where updates to the system have been items we have requested. We are very happy we chose IP.com.”

Randolph Square IP on InnovationQ