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4 Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day

National Entrepreneur’s Day, celebrated in the US on the third Tuesday of November, is a day to appreciate the industrial spirit of founders, makers, and doers. Thirty-one million Americans are starting or running new businesses, almost 20% of the 157 million working Americans, making it pretty likely you know (or are) an entrepreneur. This National Entrepreneur’s Day, celebrate these creative, dedicated individuals with one of these fun ideas!

1. Get to Know a Famous Founder

Every company was founded by someone. Take a deep dive into the story of your favorite brand to get to know the creative mind(s) behind its success. Consider learning from the story of Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Sara Blakely, or Daymond John.

2. Support Your Favorite Entrepreneur

For many entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, there’s no team to fall back on or paid time off. Celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day by supporting your favorite entrepreneur. This could mean shopping at a local artisan’s shop, offering your services pro bono to a new business you believe in, or treating an entrepreneurial loved one to dinner.

3. Browse a Crowdfunding Website

After supporting an entrepreneur or two in your life, consider browsing Kickstarter or another crowdfunding website. Many products that are now household names got their start on Kickstarter, including Exploding Kittens and Occulus. You never know what incredible innovation you’ll find in need of modest startup funds. For the latest updates on the coolest new products, you can sign up for Kickstarter’s Happening newsletter. 

4. Share Entrepreneurship with Young Minds

Kids have the best ideas. Share the entrepreneurial spirit with your family to get them thinking about inventing! Talk about the people who started businesses or created products your kids or other young family members love. Some of them may even be kids themselves! Older kids may like the pitch process featured on Shark Tank. If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, work with a teacher to celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day by telling your story to their class.