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What to do with Your Concept-Based Results—IP Discovery Series #2

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Here, we pick up on the results from the query we ran for  How to Search Using Concepts. Let’s look at a few of the many tools in InnovationQ Plus to help you review the results, refine your search, and quickly hit the target information.

Quick Re-cap

  • Scenario: Your team of research scientists is focusing on advancing chimeric antigen receptor-T (CAR-T) cell therapy to treat cancer. You also want to find out who is working on similar projects and determine whether scientific collaboration is feasible.
  • Search Tool: InnovationQ Plus, because it is fast and easy to use, and the sole provider of full-text IEEE content, the most up-to-date source of scientific and non-patent literature in the world, including newly emerging technical ideas.
  • Concept Query: Methods for improving the efficacy of CAR-T cell therapy by targeting multiple molecules on the surface of a cancerous tumor, especially in treating lymphoma
  • Filter: Publication date, going back five years

The Results

In a matter of seconds, InnovationQ Plus returns over three million results. Based on the best matches to the concepts identified in the query, the system lists the results by relevancy. Your task is to look through the most relevant work and find out who is doing it.

Get right to the list of the top 1500 relevant documents, served up in seconds. From the results, you can explore various companies or inventors of interest to your research. Narrow down your results in a few short steps to get you to the answers you need in a matter of minutes. InnovationQ Plus can do much more for you.

Digging In

Diving into the results, we review one of the most relevant patents. With keyword highlighting turned on, we can view a list of terms the AI-based semantic search engine that powers InnovationQ Plus has found most significant based on your search query and the returned results. Within the patent, we can quickly scan for the highlighted keywords, or further narrow our down keywords to target specific terminology that closely relates to your research.

Filter your results by highlighted keywords or amend the list to include customized terms. Both will help you further target your specific research and find the most relevant results to your query.

Drill into your results

Click into the other pages of the patent to view more information, including citations and legal status.

  • Citations: Review the patent citations or IEEE Xplore references quickly forward and background to find other relevant work.
  • Legal: Discover the legal status of patents and enforceability to determine if research is ongoing, protected, or available.
  • Figures: Review figures, graphs, and charts included in patent documents

Visualizations Demonstrate the Broader Picture

The visualizations in InnovationQ Plus offers a snapshot of data that can also provide a starting point for your research. Quickly use any of the visualizations to filter results.

  • A look at the current assignees by relevance demonstrates which companies, organizations, and universities are working on CAR-T cell therapy.
  • CPC by relevance shows the various classifications for the patented research technologies
  • Inventor Count quickly highlights the most active researchers in this space

What’s Next?

You’ve searched and now narrowed your results. What do you do next? Build a portfolio? Share the project? Stay tuned for part three of IP Discovery Serie: Next Steps with Your Search Results

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