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Increasing Quality and Speed with Automated Search & Analysis

By February 16, 2021March 1st, 2021No Comments

Patent search and analysis was, not long ago, a manual and incredibly time-consuming process. The advent of digital patent databases, both public and private, introduced automated capabilities to patent search and analysis in the form of search functions. The ability to find relevant information with keywords and filters illustrated the value of automated patent searches. 

Today, AI powers advanced automations in patent search and analysis software like InnovationQ Plus®. Boolean operators are paired with semantic search capabilities allowing searchers to use natural phrases and everyday language to achieve better searches and results. AI and automation work together to provide searchers with more relevant results faster. Utilizing the unique strengths of programing and algorithms allows for higher quality results by eliminating some instances of human error. 

Not only does automation powered by AI help sort huge amounts of data in patent databases, but it also allows users to customize how they view the relevant results and other important details. Visualizations and reports allow IP professionals to dive deeper into specific areas and share their results with stakeholders in a straightforward way. 

Automating parts of the patent search and analysis process increases the speed at which companies can find impactful insights and act on them. It also allows searchers to navigate increasingly crowded patent landscapes with fewer resources, which is important in a time when IP-related spending is closely monitored. An automated search and analysis allow for both accelerating speed to market and strategic renewal decisioning, which can help IP professionals stretch their budgets. 

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