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InnovationQ Fall 2015 Release

By October 29, 2015August 3rd, 2020No Comments

The InnovationQ Fall 2015 Release is taking place Sunday, November 1, 2015. The new solutions and features that are included in this release continue to address industry use cases and provide the most efficient workflows for you. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

New Features

  • Add to Portfolio has been extended to add a patent’s backward and forward citations to a portfolio.
  • The US Design Patents have been separated from the US Utility Patents into a separate collection.

 Note: To include the US Designs collection into existing Saved Queries or Alerts, the Saved Queries or Alerts will need to be updated.

  • New sources have been added for patent Figures to enhance our coverage for WIPO applications.

New Value-Added Patent Fields

  • Country of Origin includes two fields; one is calculated in US style that uses country of the first Inventor, and the other in World Intellectual Property Organization (WO) style that uses country of the first Assignee/Applicant.
  • Maintenance Payments contains a table of renewal information for US Patents. The Payment Date, Fee Year, and Status values are calculated using legal events.
  • Authority Web Links point to the USPTO, EPO, and other world authorities. External links to patent authorities are available for most patents.
  • Application Issuance indicates whether a patent application has issued. If the patent application has Issued, a link to the document preview for that patent is available.

Here are the features that utilize the new value-added patent fields:

  • Document Preview has been improved to allow for a smoother transition while navigating between tabs.
  • The Front page now includes Authority Web Links and a link to popup a window for the CPC definition. 
  • The Citations tab now includes the action to Add to Portfolio which provides the ability to add a patent’s backward and forward citations to a portfolio.
  • The Legal information now includes Application IssuanceCountry of Origin, and the Maintenance/Renewal
  • Filters have been enhanced to include Application IssuanceCountry of Origin and additional options to either limit or exclude the IPC and CPC
  • Export Results has been enhanced to include Authority Web Links and Application Issuance.
  • Visualizations have been enhanced to include the Country of Origin pie charts.

 Other Customer Requested Enhancements 

  • The flow of the Add Portfolio by Organization feature has been enhanced to now use the standard portfolio selection dialog.
  • Selection boxes have been added to Saved Queries so you can remove multiple queries at one time.
  • Where possible, charts in the Visualization view now extend to the bottom of the page.
  • The Map image now includes a color legend.

We encourage you to visit the Knowledge Base, located within InnovationQ, where you can find valuable information to increase your understanding of the features and functionality of the product. The links below include some of the related Knowledge Base articles for this release.

Beginning with this release, we are no longer testing for full compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9). Generally, IE9 should continue to function although certain features may have problematic display. We encourage IE9 users to upgrade to a new browser as soon as practical.

As always, our solutions are not possible without your comments and use case requirements. We appreciate our continuing dialogue, which ensures that the InnovationQ platform drives value to your organization.

Your Account Executive welcomes your direct feedback or questions. You may also send questions or suggestions to – please include the subject line “InnovationQ Fall Release.”