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InnovationQ Plus

InnovationQ & InnovationQ Plus: More Power, More Content

By May 20, 2019August 3rd, 2020No Comments

The InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus Spring release is out! It’s packed with more power and new features that enable you to work smart, faster and more efficiently.


Set Up a Quick View of Your Favorite Visualizations

This is about getting what is important to you faster, and in the way that matches your work style. Create and save a customized dashboard view of up to six charts from the Visuals feature for a snapshot summary of the data. Set it up to see top players and inventors, trends over time, technical categories via CPC/IPC, AI-driven concepts in the results, and more. This quick look, with a side-by-side presentation of meaningful information, might just give you that important “Aha!” moment that launches you to the next step.

Favorite Visuals


Run New and Enhanced Semantic Map Highlights

The unique Semantic Map already helped you quickly dig into and understand what was happening in a portfolio or technology space. Now, new map highlights further extend your capabilities. See the top players, prolific inventors, hot (and cold) technology areas, even additional applications to technology. As soon as you look at the image, you can begin to draw conclusions – it’s a very fast way for you to find an area of interest. Then, you can use the highlights to dig into and better understand that area. Illuminate trends, opportunities, risks, anomalies, and more. All this happens before you have spent time reading a single document.

You can use the Semantic Map with any content combination and type: patents, non-patent literature (NPL), or patents plus NPL. In addition to Ultimate Parent and Current Assignee, new highlight options include: Publication Year, Inventors, CPC/IPC subclasses and subgroups, and NPL Authors/Inventors and Affiliations.

Example: CPC Subclass Highlighted


Select a Preferred Document – Prioritized De-Duplication Options

Have you been struggling with sifting through de-duped documents to find the ones you need the most? Now, when results are de-duplicated, you have options for selecting and prioritizing the representative family member or preferred document. Settings include prioritized authorities, publication type (i.e. grant/application), and dates. With a few simple clicks, your result set transforms, showing a representative family member or preferred document according to your settings. This is an easy way to improve your view and quickly get back to studying and analyzing your data.

Apply “Any Name” and “Any Date” Filters

The process of finding a company’s portfolio can be unclear or tedious due to complex patent ownership. Now, you can run a thorough search with just one filter. Simply use checkboxes to search more than one field for names or select a different date type. Use “Any Name” to create one filter that searches any or all name fields for faster and more thorough retrieval of a patent portfolio. “Any Date” makes it easy to change the date type, as well. This is key for building a comprehensive portfolio for a company, and these filters improve the workflow for doing so.


Search Pharmaceutical Data

We’ve added valuable pharmaceutical data to view, search, and export. This includes drug brand names and active ingredients, linked to patents from the US FDA Orange Book and the Australian Register.

Access New Patent Content

How does having access to over 115 million patent documents from over 100 authorities sound to you? With significant additions to our patent database, it now covers the vast majority of global patents. More information means more power fueling your work.

Find NPL Related Terms

Did you know that each NPL source can add its own related terms? This can include keywords, disciplines, categories, or other supplemental text. Well, now you can easily have this information, too. Gain another insight or new direction for your search project. The NPL Related Terms list is readily available on the document preview (overview tab). In addition, you can filter, view, and export this field to Excel.

Access New NPL Content (IQ+ Only)

We added the ability to access six new IEEE Xplore collections: IBM Periodicals, Morgan & Claypool eBooks, NOW eBooks, URSI Periodicals, VDE Conferences, and a collection of periodicals from China.


Many of these updates originated in feedback from’s clients and an understanding of their challenges. We work very hard to make your work easy. Keep sending questions and feedback. Ask for more information, or get training on these updates. Contact your Account Manager or Client Support Services at 866-473-6826 or

There’s more coming in June. Watch for updates at

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