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InnovationQ Summer 2016 Release

By July 29, 2016August 3rd, 2020No Comments

InnovationQ Summer 2016 Release Highlights

The InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus Summer 2016 Release will occur Sunday, July 31.  This is a major release with important new features plus additional patent collections – here’s what’s important:

Analyze Tab – The new Analyze tab gives users the ability to understand, assess and derive insights from a portfolio of patents based on the criteria they deem most important. Highly customized charts allow users to convert patent data into impactful visuals that reveal and summarize trends and points of interest to enable IP portfolio analysis, competitive intelligence, and market research.


  • Collect a customized collection of documents to analyze via a portfolio.
  • Input your own custom data within Analyze for use in charts and analytics allowing custom normalization of names, categorization, and more.
  • Choose from a variety of chart types, including heat maps and bubble charts.
  • Build customizable charts and filter data on the fly to quickly view and select the most meaningful visuals.

The Visualization functions are still available, providing pre-selected charts and visuals of results sets for your convenience.


  • Extract the specific data meaningful to your work for analysis in a visual format to enable better decision making.
  • Create executive level reports that are easy to understand for any professional.
  • Visually review data with flexibility and agility for a high-level view or a deep dive.
  • View your own data alongside patent data to create the meaningful and cleaner charts

U.S. Litigation Records – Adding to the legal information already provided in InnovationQ Plus from INPADOC, U.S. litigation records will now be available as well.

Over 50,000 cases initiated within the US that are associated with patents will be added as valued added related information to the patent record, informing interested parties of patent history which may affect the validity and value of a patent and allowing patent owners and litigators to make informed decisions about pursuing legal action.

Symbols on the result page will indicate if a patent has litigation data included to make them easily identifiable.

A new Litigation tab is available within the patent record which shows you the parties involved, important dates, case status, and Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) links.  There will also be attachments where available.

Generate Reports in PDF and PowerPoint –Auto-generated reports allow you to export a collection of insightful charts with the click of a button. Available in PDF or PowerPoint, this is perfect for when you need to present data to justify decisions.

Generate Reports function automatically collects relevant charts that look at the technology landscape, competitive activity, trends over time, and geographic data.

New Patent Collections—Full text patent and applications from Russia (including the Soviet Union) and the Netherlands patents and applications will be added.