InnovationQ Tips: Selected Results vs. Results Button

InnovationQ Tips

By: Devin Salmon, Patent Analyst,

When conducting intellectual property research, users often need to generate exports or reports for deeper analysis and collaboration with others.

The exports and reports found in’s semantic search tool, InnovationQ, have always been a customer favorite with the ability to download a wide variety of file types and prepackaged templates. Recent releases have addressed requests from users for additional customization of the Microsoft Excel/CSV exports and improvements to the user interface to make getting exports faster and easier.

Selected Documents vs. The Entire Result Set

In InnnovationQ, there are two different locations on the user interface for getting an export or report. One is for creating the report or export using only the selected documents and the other is for using the result set.

The latest update to InnovationQ on March 5, 2017, introduced the “Results” button to the user interface. If you would like to work with the top results (up to 30,000), use the Results button to export or send these results to a portfolio. This button removes the need to select all the documents in the result set. Alternatively, if you want only your selected documents included in the report or export, use the Selected Documents button on the right hand side of the screen.

Reports vs. Exports

The recent update to InnovationQ enhances the user interface to make it easier to find the type of export you want, whether that is an Excel file, PDF document, PowerPoint, or bulk download of documents. We have eliminated the distinction between reports and exports and grouped all of them under a single exports wizard.

This allows the user to see all of the possible file types and options on one screen. As the user, you can then pick which one best meets your needs.

Excel/CSV Advanced Field Selection and Field Templates

Additionally based on customer requests, when you are on the Excel/CSV export you have the option to use Advanced Selection to select only the fields you want to include and their order.

Here is a look at the Advanced Field Selection screen:

1. Use the template menu to access predefined export templates or custom templates you have created. We have created sets of predefined templates based on different sets of fields commonly used. Use these as a starting point or create your own templates.
2. Use the Available Fields list to select an entire group of fields or to pick and choose individual fields that are important for your analysis. Use the Up/Down arrows on the Export Fields list to reorganize the field order.
3. Use the Find box to quickly find the fields you need, the Available Fields list updates as you type to show the matching fields.
4. Click Save as Template to save the field set for later use. Templates get rid of the need to reselect fields each time you need an export for your custom reports; saving you time and making your workflow easier.

Note: You can also include URL links to documents that may be opened by anyone, even non­InnovationQ subscribers. The URL link is to our website where access is available to the translation for non-English documents. The external URLs are links to patent authorities or non-patent literature publications where available.

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