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InnovationQ Tips: Setting Litigation Alerts on a Technology Space

By April 3, 2017August 3rd, 2020No Comments

By: Devin Salmon, Patent Analyst,

Statute tells us what is patentable subject matter, but as technology and the world evolve, so must the law. Patent litigation has had a great effect on what is deemed patentable subject matter. Surely when patent cases occur in your technology space, it is of huge interest, as it may shape how and what you can patent. Think back to 2007, when CLS Bank International and CLS Services Ltd (CLS Bank) filed suite against Alice Corporation for a declaratory judgment that the claims at issue were invalid.

What if you could watch for and be notified when there is new patent litigation in your technology space? With InnovationQ, you can harness the power of the semantic engine to watch a larger technology area for new litigation. This allows you to find out about the technology early, thus enabling you to proactively plan your patent strategy.

Here is how to do it:

Use a semantic search.

The semantic search engine found in InnovationQ allows you to simply type or copy/paste a description of your technology area into the main concept to find all relevant patent documents. The technology area you want to watch can be very broad or highly specific based on where your interests are.

Set filter for litigation to see current litigation.

The next step is to identify the documents that already have associated litigation events. These can be far in the past or recent events. To do this:

  1. Click +Filter to open the filter options.
  2. Select Litigation (US). Litigation data is currently only available for the United States and
  3. Select limit to documents with litigation and select Apply Filter.

Set Alert to be notified of new litigation in this technology space.

Now the result set will only show the documents from this technology space that have had litigation events. Use the Query actions button to get to the dropdown to Create Alert.  Alerts in InnovationQ are based on alerting you to documents that become highly relevant to your query either by being newly published or by a change such that they now meet the requirements of your filters.

NOTE: Any document in InnovationQ with US litigation will have the Litigation Icon in the result set.

When creating alerts in InnovationQ you have the ability to give the alert a custom title and choose how often you would like to be notified.

When documents matching your alert are found, you will be notified by email along with a link to a list of documents. The relevant documents and their associated litigation information are accessible directly within InnovationQ. This allows you to use a single system to be notified early of new litigation in your technology space and proactively watch for litigation that may affect your interests.

Want to learn more about setting litigation alerts? Please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.