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InnovationQ Winter 2017 Release

We’re excited to introduce the InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus Winter 2017 Release, premiering on Sunday, March 5th.  This is a robust release with an improved user experience, important new features, and additional patent collections – here’s what’s important:

1. Improved User Experience – Major updates have been made to the user interface based on customer feedback. You will now have a larger working space and certain common workflows have been improved within InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus.

Improved workflows will save you time. We removed the Manage tab and integrated its features into an easy to access menu. Create a Project, use Portfolio Wizards or download documents without interrupting your workflow. Simply click the upper left logo to view the new sidebar.

You can access all your Projects, Portfolios, Saved Queries, Term Lists, and Notes from within pop-ups, without losing your place in your current search or analysis. You can also quickly download your Exports from the new Delivery Center.

Please Note: Exports will automatically be removed from the Delivery Center after 90 days. To prevent an export from expiring, you may attach it to a Project. Any existing exports which are not attached to projects will expire on June 5, 2017. If you have exports you would like to use beyond June 5, please attach them to a project, email them, or save them to your device. Please contact if you would like assistance.

2. New Patent Collections – Patents and applications from Brazil (BR), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), and Taiwan (TW) have been added.

3. Improved Name Filtering – Based on requests and feedback, our team has worked hard to improve the results you get when filtering for specific Inventors, Assignees, Affiliations, and other fields containing names.

4. NPL Enhancements – We added the Affiliations filter for use with IEEE and PubMed Central publications (IEEE enhancements apply to InnovationQ Plus only). Citations have been added to connect IEEE documents, patents, and applications. IEEE Standard Numbers are now searchable using the Document Identifier Filter.

5. Other Features:

  • Added the “with Litigation” filter and Analyze field (only for U.S. Litigation data)
  • All patent family members will be shown in patent document previews including those which are outside our current patent databases
  • Manual highlighting is now available from Document Preview in Analyze
  • Comments and Document Notes (if available) are now enabled by default for new Projects

To learn more about these additions to InnovationQ or what’s coming in the future, please contact