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Newsroom Releases IQ Ideas Plus™ Version 2.0

By June 6, 2022No Comments proudly announces its most recent update to IQ Ideas Plus™, our idea capture and assessment software designed to facilitate inventor problem-solving while shortening time to market. IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 adds a streamlined interface and intuitive features to simplify innovation workflows and improve product articulation. As with the previous version, IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 harnesses the power of’s proprietary AI engine to help inventors find and leverage critical data and insights while increasing ROI for their companies.

IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 targets all three challenges inventors and their organizations face when bringing new innovations to market: cost, speed, and quality. Engineers benefit from enhanced ideation, invention disclosure evaluation, and streamlined collaboration to commercialize technologies faster! This holistic approach to the initial stages of the innovation lifecycle ensures R&D teams don’t have to make unnecessary sacrifices due to resource constraints and siloed workflows.

Learn more about IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 and schedule your free demo!

With IQ Ideas Plus 2.0, inventors are able to validate ideas in fewer steps using guided workflows and process automation to streamline problem-solving methodology.’s natural-language search engine provides inventors with a set of intuitive tools for assessing a problem and formulating the optimal solution.

IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 aids in synthesizing millions of abstracts into a single standardized novelty metric. With it, you can compare and rank ideas along the technical dimensions that matter most. Iterate on concepts and invention descriptions in real-time. Receive feedback on the quality of a description to enable greater productivity and support in business decision-making.

Learn more about IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 and schedule your free demo!