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Moving Through the Innovation Cycle with

By February 16, 2021No Comments

Search and analytics capabilities are essential at each stage in the innovation cycle, from research and development to business and IP strategy. However, the teams involved at each stage use information differently, whether they’re looking at invention novelty, technology trends, competitive intelligence, patent validity, or something else entirely. While legal teams and IP professionals are well versed in complex search and analysis, engineers and scientists may be less familiar with this type of prior art research. 

These differences highlight the importance of a powerful yet intuitive platform that can be used across an organization. pairs the InnovationQ Plus® patent database with IP analytics to support companies across teams throughout the innovation cycle. 

Research and Development

R&D teams can use the Technology Vitality Report (TVR) to prioritize novel ideas. The report reviews invention disclosures to identify and fast-track the best new technologies. This AI-enabled, automated process is backed by in-depth insights into prior art and competitors from InnovationQ Plus for teams that want to learn more. 

IP Professionals

InnovationQ Plus’s built-in, customizable visualizations and analytics offer IP professionals insight into the patent landscape, competitive intelligence, and monetization opportunities. The Patent Vitality Report (PVR) offers a more focused look at the strengths of a specific portfolio in comparison to the patent and competitive landscapes. 

Legal’s professional patent searchers help legal teams make informed decisions about their organization’s intellectual property quickly. Decades of combined experience and AI-backed tools allow our search experts to provide analysis and opinions on freedom to operate, infringement, validity, patentability, and more. 

Business and Strategy

The insights uncovered through AI-backed patent search and analysis should guide not only an organization’s IP strategy but its overall business strategy. Competitor insights, portfolio analysis, and monetization opportunities all play an important role in how an entity moves forward in its market and even beyond it.