Turn a Prior Art Search Into a Powerful Report

InnovationQ Tips, Patent Search

Conducting a patent and prior art search is just the beginning, right? It’s what you do with the search results that counts. InnovationQ Plus includes tools that help you monitor a category or competitor, analyze your results, export the data, and create reports and presentations to share your findings. Here are just some of the many ways you can use InnovationQ Plus to put your search results to work.

Schedule alerts to monitor competitors and developing technologies

You can schedule InnovationQ Plus to automatically re-run a query as often as you wish—and to email you if anything new appears in your result set. That way, you’ll always know when a new publication is added that matches your query.

  1. Run your query
  2. Add filters you want to monitor: a specific competitor or developing area, for example
  3. Name your alert
  4. Choose a day of the week to re-run your query
  5. Receive alerts when new prior art is published in the categories you specify

Create and manipulate portfolios for high-level analysis

InnovationQ Plus lets you view portfolios in various combinations and configurations, which can provide insights into patterns, trends and opportunities. For example, in the Portfolio Actions menu, you can “play” with your portfolios using the following commands:

  • Intersect to see common results between selected searches
  • Combine to merge several portfolios into one result set
  • Difference to see the results that only appear in one of all your portfolios
  • Unique to see results that only appear in one portfolio in a select set of portfolios
  • Create a portfolio to view patent citations backward or forward

Export results into executive reports and presentations

You can export your prior art search results into existing templates or customize your own to see your data any way you want. For example, you can export into tables, charts, maps and spreadsheets to reveal strategic insights.

  1. Results > Create export
  2. Choose your export option
  3. Summary with thumbnail
  4. Summary table
  5. Common charts PDF
  6. Common charts PowerPoint
  7. Zip file of all your result sets
  8. Create custom reports
  9. Import results into Analyze > Start new Analyze
  10. Adjust settings to display your data how you want

Watch Best Practices in Prior Art Searching Session 3: Exporting Results and Reporting for more ways to use InnovationQ Plus to guide your IP strategy. In this 23-minute webinar, Megan Scroggins, client engagement manager, demonstrates valuable built-in features in InnovationQ Plus.