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The Next Generation of’s Gist

By June 10, 2015August 3rd, 2020No Comments

The Next Generation of InnovationQ Retrieval Releases on Monday, June 15, 2015. is pleased to announce the next generation of our Gist cognitive retrieval engine. The Gist engine powers InnovationQ’s unique and powerful search capabilities including MapIt, our visual discovery tool.

Highlights of the latest generation of Gist include:

  • Identification of important phrases (sometimes called n-grams) in both documents and queries to improve the focus of results.
  • Addition of a new, independent method of analysis and natural language understanding which produces concept hierarchies. This new facility is leveraged to immediately improve retrieval performance and in the future provide document summarization, concept highlighting, and concept tagging.

On June 15, in InnovationQ you will experience improvements to the relevancy curve (which may result in more documents above your preferred relevance threshold), some reordering of results in your favorite queries, and phrases occasionally appearing in MapIt. Subsequent releases of InnovationQ will introduce new features which further leverage our enhanced document cognition.

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