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A Complete Prioritization Workflow Solution from

The newest release for InnovationQ and’s Insight Reports enhance the workflow for rapid invention disclosure review and prior art discovery. The optimized workflow gives you the answers you need at a glance, with the ability to dive deeper with the click of a button. The latest release was made available on November 15, 2020.

Fast and thorough decisions with the TVR

Improve your review process with less effort. The AI-enabled, automated Technology Vitality Report (TVR) allows you to rank ideas in a fast, efficient, and transparent way.  Quickly review hundreds of invention disclosures, funneling out the lower quality ideas to send back to the inventor for further iteration, or fast-track novel ideas to the review committee. Our TVR accelerates the decision-making process by enabling fast prioritization.

With the latest enhancements to the TVR, more detailed analysis, when needed, is just a click away. Whether you’re interested in more specificity around prior art to pass back to the inventor, exploring the competitive landscape, or the recent filing trends, the new interactive TVR dashboard can provide you the information you want at-a-glance with the click of a button. Review and understand the closely related art, applying filters to give you the information necessary to make informed decisions on invention disclosures. Share limited or full results with inventors or teams, even those without a seat of InnovationQ*, to help draft future invention disclosure iterations.

When needed, perform a more in-depth analysis of your TVR results as a part of your prioritization workflow. Explore your results in InnovationQ to review full prior art documents and non-patent literature with just a few clicks.

No matter how quickly or in-depth you want to review disclosures, the AI-enabled TVR solution allows you to prioritize and manage your workflow, saving time, and bringing ideas to market faster.


TVR dashboard

The new, interactive version of the TVR streamlines the workflow and allows users to share access and collaborate with colleagues within their company, even those without a seat of InnovationQ.

prioritize invention review workflow dashboard

Review details at a glance within the dashboard









*To view the TVR dashboard, users will need to create a free account.

Search, Review, and Export with Ease in InnovationQ


Updates to the user experience make searching for and uncovering prior art easier with enhancements to the search mode in InnovationQ. Easily view your Alerts in the main search and use all InnovationQ’s functionality to review and manage these results.

Interested in design patents? The newest release now features two new types of filtering options: Locarno classification codes and USPC classification codes. The addition of these filters facilitates the search for and review of design patents.


Analyze patent data with ease by creating your own customizable visuals dashboard.

Enhance your prior art analysis in InnovationQ with bigger figures. Figures can easily be opened in a new browser tab and viewed at their original size, allowing for a review of tiny details and small print.

enlarge images

Review tiny details with the ability to view images in their original size


Customize your export with new export fields and a streamlined export action menu. The new Export fields include representative images and geographic/location information. Images in the Excel export aid quick patent identification and facilitate distinction among the patents of interest. Geographic location information connects the development or ownership of a patent/technology to a given inventor and assignee geography.

Export images

Easily review a list of patents with the inclusion of representative images in Excel exports