Press Release: 6/2/2024 

Engineering leadership must embrace AI in the innovation process.

Rochester, June 3 – is excited to unveil IQ Ideas+ 3.0, featuring CompassAI, a revolutionary new solution that transforms enterprise ideation and problem-solving, delivering enhanced ROI. Utilizing cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI), CompassAI offers a structured approach to creativity, intelligently guiding users through a structured approach to explore, refine, and develop ideas. This innovative tool represents a significant leap forward in creative thinking, empowering teams to unleash their full potential and discover innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Integrated seamlessly into IQ Ideas+ 3.0, CompassAI provides a platform for innovators, engineers, and professionals to solve problems, innovate, and improve systems using proven engineering methodologies. It addresses critical challenges faced by forward-thinking enterprises, such as the speed, quality, cost, and time required to generate effective, monetizable ideas. CompassAI works hand-in-glove with Semantic Gist®,’s proprietary Natural Language AI engine of over 20 years, to deliver a comprehensive array of ideas and solutions drawn from a global corpus of data and content, safeguarding against hallucinations.

CompassAI stands out with its structured ideation workflows powered by IPS (Inventive Problem Solving) Meta technology. IPS Meta is a prompting technology that delivers rapid, accurate, contextualized ideas and potential solutions while mitigating the risks associated with using public generative AI sources. Additionally,’s solution platform is secure and ITAR compliant, ensuring protection of proprietary information.

Unlike other solutions, CompassAI offers an ‘open-prompt’, natural language workflow, enabling users to conduct research, create documents, execute complex analyses, and more without constraints. Tailored for innovators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises seeking to thrive in a competitive, technology-focused economy, CompassAI serves as an indispensable guide in the world of innovation and problem-solving.

CompassAI offers three streamlined workflows that drive powerful ideas and solutions: existing solutions drawn from a vast collection of prior art, creative but applicable solutions from generative AI, and ideas based on a comprehensive set of inventive principles. This unique feature uses the framework of inventive problem solving to present innovators with a variety of approaches to overcome challenges.

Ameet Bhattacharya, Chief Technology Officer of, comments, “Say goodbye to the days of complex workflows, tools, and processes for engineers to solve problems. CompassAI will set a new standard for simplifying ideation and problem-solving for challenges of any size or scale.”

For instance, engineering teams can explore new solutions for addressing challenges ranging from air quality to alternative energy sources and electric vehicle enhancements. They can then utilize IQ Ideas+’s exclusive novelty scoring technology to evaluate if the technology should proceed to patenting. All of this can be done in minutes, exponentially increasing ideation efficiency and time to market.

IQ Ideas+ with CompassAI launches on June 2 and is immediately available via subscription. Contact sales for a demo, trial, and pricing.

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