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Innovation, Defensive Publication, and Survival:

Why You Can’t Live Without Purposeful Publishing for IP Management

Unlock an important component to protecting your ideas and maximizing ROI with our must-read white paper. Learn why defensive publishing is vital for IP management and how to effectively implement this strategy.
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90% of companies are not using this powerful, cost-effective strategy to protect their IP and optimize return on investment. Be among the successful 10% safeguarding their ideas with Defensive Publishing.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, innovation is key to survival. However, protecting your company’s intellectual property (IP) in the innovation lifecycle can be a daunting task. One effective strategy for protecting your IP is defensive publishing. This involves proactively publishing your company’s research, ideas, and other IP in order to establish a public record of your ownership and use of the material.
In this white paper, we will explore the role of defensive publishing in IP management and how it can help your company stay competitive in today’s market. We will also cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the basics of defensive publishing and its role in IP protection
  • Challenges to IP protection such as patent costs, litigation costs, latency, and bad actors
  • Integrating defensive publication into your overall IP strategy
  • Next steps for implementing defensive publishing in your company’s IP management plan

With the insights and strategies outlined in this white paper, you will be well-equipped to protect your company’s IP through defensive publishing. Download now to start building a more robust IP management plan.

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