Fortify your innovation Strategy

by defensively publishing on Prior Art Database

Defensive publishing is the intentional and purposeful publication of innovation into the public domain. It is a cost-effective IP strategy that discloses aspects of your invention so it becomes prior art. Defensive publication of technical disclosures gives you an advantage—one, protecting your right to use your innovations, and two, strengthening your IP strategy. Our comprehensive, cost-effective defensive publishing solutions can be used individually or collectively to minimize risks and maximize your competitive position. Dramatically increase the odds that patent examiners will find and cite your prior art.

Why You Can’t Live Without Purposeful Publishing for IP Management

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Publishing Benefits

Early publication in a patent office can take 14 weeks to process, which can impact when it applies as prior art with respect to foreign countries putting your global freedom to operate at risk. Publishing to our Prior Art Database takes minutes.

Freedom to Operate

Safeguard your Freedom to Operate by publishing technical disclosures to the Prior Art Database, making them available instantly.

Prior Art Database (PAD)

Search the world’s leading publicly accessible source of Prior Art to find published technical disclosures, validate your ideas and reduce unnecessary innovation expenditures.

Editing Services

Save time and effort by having our team generate the strongest, most defensible disclosures possible. Our technical editors are among the best in the industry, with niche expertise that helps them craft clear, accurate, novel disclosures.

Incentivizes Innovation

Defensively publishing incentivizes engineers and R&D team resources to increase innovation rates.  

Secure Freedom to Operate

Defending mission-critical innovations starts with publishing, transforming technical disclosures into time-stamped Prior Art. Publishing via PAD makes it easy for anyone to understand their Freedom to Operate, enabling entities to allocate time, money, and resources more efficiently.

Defend your innovations quickly and cost-effectively

Publishing to our Prior Art Database can be done instantly for a nominal fee, minimizing infringement risk and providing strategic cover during the patent filing process. Published Prior Art also reduces unnecessary prosecution and filing expenses.

Block the competition from getting patents

As soon as a technical disclosure is published to our Prior Art Database, it is considered Prior Art, immediately creating a protective moat around your innovation. This buys critical time to further develop and commercialize your ideas—and stay ahead of competitors.

Prepare Your Best Defense

Start Your Prior Art Journey

It’s advantageous to patent your core differentiating technologies. However, you can save time and money by defensively publishing your non-core, non-commercial operational innovations as prior art to prevent competitors from obtaining patents on your inventions. By defensively publishing the idea in our Prior Art Database, you place it in the public domain and make it prior art. Start your Prior Art journey with a search of the industries most comprehensive Prior Art Database.

Publish your best document with our Editing Services’s copy editing services provide structural, mechanical, and defensive publication-focused reviews of your disclosures. Lifting the burden off your inventors, our team produces clear, concise, and discoverable descriptions of their innovations.

Start Defensively Publishing

The voucher fee includes:
  • Online publishing of your document in the Journal
  • Paper printing of bibliographic information and abstract in the Journal
  • Electronic reproduction of your disclosure in the optical disc included with the Journal*
You’ll need a publishing voucher for each disclosure you submit to our Prior Art Database. Get started publishing quickly by buying a voucher below:

*If you want to print your disclosure in full in the Journal, you’ll also need to create an account, log in and purchase a one-page print voucher for each printable page of your primary disclosure file.

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