InnovationQ is a powerful innovation discovery and analytics platform that helps organizations optimize and monetize their intellectual property. Powered by's proprietary, cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ rapidly sifts through big data to efficiently and accurately pinpoint relevant documents. The results enable organizations to make critical business decisions around patentability, freedom to operate, market landscape, and competitive intelligence.
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InnovationQ allows users to search for patent and non-patent documents quickly and efficiently. InnovationQ eliminates the need for complex Boolean syntax to inform retrieval. Instead, the system simply uses a short phrase, a paragraph, or even an entire document so queries can be done by anyone in your organization.


Uses advanced cognitive semantic analysis to extract the meaning of data. This reduces the chances of missing valuable information, that may result from traditional keyword searching.


InnovationQ’s Map tool provides a visual representation of relevant documents and their connections. Interactive graphs allow you to drill deeper by sorting results according to your unique strategy.


InnovationQ gives you powerful insights that enable strategic positioning, patent mapping, innovation monetization, and the identification of partnership and licensing opportunities.


The analytic tools, filters, visualizations, and reports are fast and simple to use. Results are delivered based on meanings within documents, not keyword matches, and displayed in a visual representation of how close they are in meaning to your query and to one another.


InnovationQ’s collaboration facility offers a central hub of activity within the platform, allowing your organization to manage and improve its work products, while offering tremendous flexibility and adaptability. Creating projects and assigning access to results, strategies, alerts, and reports has never been easier.

InnovationQ works across the entire patent spectrum: discovery search, competitive intelligence, portfolio management, and protection. Because of its user-friendly interface, InnovationQ delivers insightful, intuitive graphics and executive-class reports at the click of a button.

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