IQ Ideas

An AI-powered intelligent workflow that finds relevant prior art and sparks new ideas for consideration.
IQ Ideas is ideal for engineering and innovation teams looking for novel ways to solve a problem.
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IQ Ideas provides two ways to describe your innovative problem:  Cause and Effect or System Improvement.

When brainstorming solutions to technical problems, teams often utilize Cause and Effect Analysis or System Improvement Principles to generate new ideas.

You can start by either providing a description of the system and what you are trying to improve or, by describing the problem and what failed. The result is hundreds of concrete suggestions to consider.

Once you have completed the system description or failure analysis you can click on Find Solutions to proceed to the next step.

Cause and Effect

Give IQ Ideas a complete description of your problem – apply the 5-Why’s process to get the best results. Suggestions based on Concept Matching is the default method for Cause and Effect analysis.

Concept Matching uses a semantic search of the problem analysis to find relevant suggestions that have already been published. The suggestions are prioritized according to how closely the source document’s concept matches your problem description.

System Improvement

Give IQ Ideas a complete description of the system and what you are trying to improve.

Suggestions based on Inventive Principles is the default method for System Improvement analysis. Inventive Principles matches the abstract standard solutions that have been discovered through extensive patent analysis with the summary terms derived from the AI analysis of the query formed by the System Improvement description.

These newly formed concrete suggestions are then prioritized by IQ Ideas and presented one at a time for your contemplation.