IQ Ideas™

Find relevant prior art and spark new ideas with IQ Ideas™, an AI-powered ideation tool for engineering and innovation teams looking for novel ways to solve a problem.
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Two Ways to Describe Your Problem

When ideating solutions to technical problems, teams often utilize Cause and Effect Analysis or System Improvement Analysis to generate new ideas. Strategic ideation with IQ Ideas begins with either a description of the system and what you are trying to improve or the problem and what failed.

Then, one of these time-tested ideation strategies is applied to your system description or failure analysis. This guided ideation results in hundreds of concrete suggestions to consider.

Cause and Effect Analysis

Apply the Five Whys process to your problem to generate a complete description for the ideation software. IQ Ideas delivers the best results when it has a thorough understanding of the problem your team is facing.

When you choose to ideate using Cause and Effect Analysis, suggestions offered by IQ Ideas are based on Concept Matching by default. The Concept Matching ideation strategy applies semantic search to your problem analysis to find relevant suggestions in the prior art. These suggestions are prioritized by relevance; the source documents with concepts most similar to your problem description appear first.

System Improvement Analysis 

To use the System Improvement capabilities of IQ Ideas, begin with a complete description of your system and what you are trying to improve. The ideation tool bases suggestions on Inventive Principles by default.

First, IQ Ideas derives summary terms from the query formed from your System Improvement description using AI analysis. Then, Inventive Principles matches abstract standard solutions discovered through extensive AI-powered patent analysis to these summary terms. These newly formed concrete suggestions are prioritized by IQ Ideas and presented one at a time for your team’s consideration.

IQ Ideas is a great way to ideate, collaborate, and formulate novel ways to improve a system or build an entirely new solution.