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to protect your Freedom to Operate’s copy editing services provide structural, mechanical, and defensive publication-focused reviews of your disclosures. Lifting the burden off your inventors, our team produces clear, concise, and discoverable descriptions of their innovations. Sharpen your defensive publications. Well-written material protects your Freedom to Operate. Our clear, concise, discoverable descriptions remove burden from your team—and help achieve higher ROI. 

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How we deliver is just as important as what we offer. When you choose, you can trust that you’re working with a team of vetted, highly qualified subject matter experts. We provide the industry depth and expertise you need, with certainty and confidentiality.

Editing Expertise

Generate Effective Prior Art for Publishing

After rating an invention for publication and before clicking a button to launch a disclosure into the public domain, you must consider, if your document is ready for the external audiences, if it reveals too much about the company and your development strategies, if your researchers find it, and when they do, if they understand it. Do you have the time and resources to generate a solid defensive publication?’s Editing Services translates the invention disclosure to a defensive publication that performs as effective prior art. We ensure the description is clear, concise, consistent, and correct. Then, when you submit it to the Prior Art Database, you can be confident that your defensive publication protects your Freedom to Operate.

Work with Prior Art Specialists’s Technical Copy Editors focus on defensive publication and have improved thousands of documents since 2010. We offer direct communication among writers, IP Law professionals, and Editing Services that keeps processes moving.’s Technical Copy Editors:

  • Organize the article into a logical flow
  • Clarify points of novelty, actors, components, and process steps
  • Protect company anonymity, if desired
  • Standardize jargon
  • Maintain the integrity of the disclosed solution

Higher Patent ROI

Save Time and Money

Professional services make better use of your inventors’ and legal team’s time, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Develop the process flow that works best for you to streamline your publishing efforts.

Customize to Your Needs

Style guides are suited to your company’s standards and compliance rules.

Simplify Discovery and Defense

Well-written material is easier to find and better understood.

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