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TextWise Semantic Gist and TextWise share a common vision: Providing customers with state-of-the-art Discovery, Access and Analytics solutions for their Intellectual Property.

TextWise and are sibling venture companies taking full advantage of the cutting edge semantic technology provided by TextWise and the intellectual property expertise of, to offer a host of solutions. The site search, Find Similar, and InnovationQ search and discovery are just a few examples of this collaboration.

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Semantic Gist

  • When you need to search innovations or research prior art, concepts trump keywords.
  • When you need to discover related technologies or patents, concepts and context really matter.
  • When you need intelligent analysis, fast and accurate document insight is essential.

TextWise Semantic Gist works with language, analyzing the words in a search and in documents, mapping to concepts underlying your innovations.

Semantic Gist consistently produces relevant, actionable results.

Traditional search uses words or short phrases known as keywords to retrieve, sort and analyze website pages and documents. These keywords are typically a reflection of the phrases that appear most often on a given page, for example, “dog collars” on a pet store page. The limitations of this keyword approach are profound. A keyword search won’t provide results that take context into consideration. It also can’t identify key concepts in a document if the search doesn’t contain those exact words.

Deep & Sophisticated Analysis

TextWise Semantic Gist addresses keyword shortcomings by analyzing text in a deep and sophisticated way. Unlike traditional search counting word frequencies or page links, Semantic Gist extracts broader nuances of meaning, intention, and theme. By modeling text around concepts and creating a weighted concept representation for any text, our semantic mapping helps identify the intent of ambiguous words and aligns synonyms to the same meaning. Semantic Gist returns related documents whose similarities to the original document or query go far beyond keyword matches.

There are countless ways that our advanced semantic search, discovery and analysis can assist you with complex information tasks often involving millions of documents, including discovery on IP filings, strategy, monetization, and more.

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