Our team of searchers are experts at performing a wide variety of patent searches, which can be utilized together to help address the business needs of your company or your clients.

Our Patentability Search is specifically targeted to find the most relevant art to a disclosed invention, and similarly a Patent Validity/Invalidity Search discovers references that address the novelty and obviousness of the claimed invention and its limitations. However, many intellectual property professionals and inventors are interested in understanding a fuller picture of inventions of interest and how they relate to the broader marketplace. With the help of our team, you can also analyze the competitive space surrounding an invention through our landscape searches, or determine the freedom to operate in a particular area.

IP.com will generate a joint report that encompasses two or more search objectives and certain combinations may be particularly advantageous, including:

– Patentability and Freedom to Operate
– Patent Validity/Invalidity and Freedom to Operate
– Patent Validity/Invalidity and Patent Landscape

For example, if you are aware of a competitor’s patent and request a Patent Validity Search to help determine whether licensing of the patented technology is warranted, you may want to consider adding a Freedom to Operate Search and/or a Patent Landscape Search. A FTO Search would ensure that no other issued patents will block your practice of the technology, process, or product that you are targeting within the broader space. A Patent Landscape Search may identify additional licensing opportunities for related technologies to the patented technology, uncover previously unknown assignees, and reveal whitespace that may warrant investment into your own future inventions.

Similarly, you might be interested not only in the patentability of your own disclosed invention, but also whether regardless of its novelty or obviousness you had the freedom to operate in a particular space. Combining a Patentability Search with a FTO Search would help mitigate your business risk early on by demonstrating what types of cross-licensing, if any, would be necessary to make, use, or license your invention should it issue as a patent.

Patent Landscape
  • In-licensing opportunities
  • Out-license targets
  • White space that present growth opportunities
  • Technology trends
  • Novel solutions
  • Innovation Opportunities
Freedom to Operate
  • Identify in-force patents or published patent applications with claims that cover the technology, process, or product you are targeting
Patentability Searches
  • Before you file a patent application (based on drafted claims)
  • Early stage innovation (ideation)
  • Obtain prior art highly relevant to novelty/obviousness determinations
  • Information Disclosure Statements submittals
  • See what the competition is doing
  • Anticipate the examiner’s rejections
  • Discover the most unique features of your invention before filing
Patent Validity
  • Invalidate blocking patents
  • Provide deterrents to NPE demand letters
  • Complete due diligence regarding a patent, patent portfolio, or pending patent application