Identify Prior Art to Support Patent Prosecution

Our Evidence of Use Search help patent owners find likely infringing products or services in the marketplace.  This search charts your specific patent claim elements to the features of identified products and/or services, and can also evaluate the strength of a patent infringement assertion.

We provide claim specific analysis that covers your independent claims, which have the broadest potential reach, as well as any dependent claims with their additional limitations that may also be infringed. We can customize the search to meet your specific needs, such as reviewing continuations, continuation-in-parts, and divisionals that you identify to provide a detailed mapping of their evidence of use and how they differ.

You’ll have direct contact with our search team during the search process. We perform a thorough analysis considering the claims as a whole, and address each and every claimed limitation in our study.

When should you conduct an Evidence of Use Search?

Search Includes:

• A technical investigation of potentially infringing products/services

• A chart based mapping of your claims against the potentially infringing product/service

What We Need From You:

A listing of the patents with which you are concerned. We do the rest.