Identify Prior Art to Support Patent Prosecution

Companies often collaborate in a Standard Setting Organization (SSO) to ensure that their independently designed products can work together. In exchange for fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing terms, participants are generally required to disclose any intellectual property rights that would be infringed by a proposed standard.

Our Standards Mapping Service can identify your in-force patents and patent applications that may be correlated to the specific standard of concern. We also monitor future developments in those standards and against your patent portfolio to determine the impact of any changes to either the standards or your portfolio.

This service is a multi-stage analysis that leverages our proprietary semantic search technology.

When Should You Conduct Standards Mapping?

What We Need from You


An identification of the Standard Setting Organization (SSO) of interest and its relevant specifications


A listing of all current assignee names that hold the relevant patents or patent applications that you provide us


Optional: Any patents or applications you have already identified as potential standard essential patents