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Using Big Data to Create Value, Drive Innovation & Launch New Business

The following is a segment from the prestigious Annual Conference of The Business Council of New York State, hosted by IP.com. The topic is Using Big Data to Create Value, Drive Innovation & Launch New Business.

Defensive Publishing: An Essential Ingredient to IP Strategy

A solid defensive publication process is essential to a comprehensive IP management strategy. Defensive publishing is not only easy to implement, but also extremely cost effective.

Do I Need to Patent All of My Ideas?

Defensive publishing is an intellectual property strategy used to prevent another party from obtaining a patent. This cost-effective strategy consists of disclosing the enabling description of your invention, so it becomes prior art.

How to Defensively Publish

Whether you’re new to defensive publishing or looking for a refresher on how to publish your disclosures, IP.com is pleased to provide you this four-minute video as a resource. Watch this brief tutorial, which demonstrates the simple process.

Commercializing University-Based Innovation

Watch IP.com's hosted panel discussion at The Business Council of New York State 2014 Annual Meeting: "Commercializing University-Based Innovation - Accelerating Growth in New York State"