Defensive Publication Solution

Last updated: February 2015
In the wake of the June, 2014 decision in the Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International case, the priority of making defensive publishing a key component of your overall IP strategy has never been more essential

Portfolio Decision Support System

Last updated: January 2015
The practical application of statistical quality scoring to effective patent management

The Combined Report: Patent Value Predictor and Patent Factor Index

Last updated: February 2015
These reports offer easily understood patent valuation analytics to assist organizations in understanding the value of their Intellectual Property portfolios

Publishing Strategies

Last updated: August 2014
Protect your freedom to operate using the Prior Art Database

Export Trade Compliance – Considering the Risks

Last updated: August 2014
Patent prosecution, prior art search, and freedom to operate studies

Best Practices in Innovation Management

Last updated: August 2014
Solving business problems and managing risk with technical disclosures

Defensive Publishing via Technical Disclosures

Last updated: August 2014
A field guide to understanding strategies and tactics

Writing and Publishing Effective Defensive Publications

Last updated: August 2014
Protecting your intellectual property and freedom to operate

Semantic Gist

Last updated: July 2014
Powering services with search, categorization, and concept tags

Prior Art Database Search Guide

Last updated: February 2015
A resource by