Defensive Publication Solution

In the wake of the June, 2014 decision in the Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International case, the priority of making defensive publishing a key component of your overall IP strategy has never been more essential

Portfolio Decision Support System

The practical application of statistical quality scoring to effective patent management

The Combined Report: Patent Value Predictor and Patent Factor Index

These reports offer easily understood patent valuation analytics to assist organizations in understanding the value of their Intellectual Property portfolios

Publishing Strategies

Protect your freedom to operate using the Prior Art Database

Export Trade Compliance – Considering the Risks

Patent prosecution, prior art search, and freedom to operate studies

Best Practices in Innovation Management

Solving business problems and managing risk with technical disclosures

Defensive Publishing via Technical Disclosures

A field guide to understanding strategies and tactics

Writing and Publishing Effective Defensive Publications

Protecting your intellectual property and freedom to operate

Semantic Gist

Powering services with search, categorization, and concept tags

Prior Art Database Search Guide

A resource by