IQ Ideas Plus™

IQ Ideas Plus™  a modular, AI-powered solution designed to enhance and accelerate the innovation creation process.
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Complete Innovation Management

IQ Ideas Plus™ is an AI-powered ideation tool that finds relevant prior art and sparks new ideas for consideration—ideal for teams looking for novel ways to solve problems. Once novel ideas are formulated, the workflow helps engineers and scientists write better invention descriptions and evaluate the quality of the disclosure. IQ Ideas Plus is a complete innovation management solution that helps bring novel ideas to market faster.

A More Productive Way to Ideate

Effective and productive strategic ideation starts with IQ Ideas Plus. Quickly grow simple descriptions into powerful innovation concepts. Leverage the power of AI to guide you effortlessly through the entire innovation creation workflow.

Integrated, Intuitive Problem Solving

Apply common problem-solving techniques to your innovation challenge. IQ Ideas Plus delivers quick, accurate and actionable results to help the team understand the challenges they need to address. Leverage the power of’s Prior Art Database and AI powered natural language processing to find relevant concepts, solutions and challenges to what you are working on.

Accurate, Actionable Insights

Based on your descriptions, IQ Ideas Plus accurately identifies areas of system improvement. Using standard Inventive Principles, our AI engine provides concrete, prioritized recommendations. Coupled with our powerful collaboration tools, the extensible IQ Ideas Plus solution enables teams to be more productive throughout the innovation creation process.

Invention Disclosure Evaluation

IQ Ideas Plus uses artificial intelligence to help inventors draft concise invention disclosures, retrieve a ranked list of conceptually related documents, understand the uniqueness of their new innovations, and quickly assess their competitive edge. This is ideal for teams looking to disclose an invention for patenting, prepare an idea for review by a patent committee, or simply describe an innovative idea.

Our metrics automatically provide feedback to improve your invention description and score your idea versus highly relevant prior art into one of three categories: Similar, Unique, or Very Unique. These categories can help you iterate on different aspects or embodiments of your invention to help you focus on the most critical aspects of it. The quality of the description is also assessed using our AI Concept Evaluation to ensure that you don’t leave out critical information and obtain a focused, representative categorization.

The innovation platform provides a business-ready report highlighting the closest prior art and most unique aspects of your solution. This helps fast-track ideas for securing funding, sending disclosures to Patent Review Committees, or obtaining grants.

Your Competitive Edge

Conducting a thorough landscape search into a technology area can be an intimidating task, but with IQ Ideas Plus, an overview analysis is fully automated. By using AI to focus this overview only on the most relevant technologies and companies, you can quickly focus your invention description on differentiators, or even identify new competitors or opportunities for partnership.

The innovation platform automatically generates a list of the most conceptually related patents based upon your invention description. This list is easily filterable based on company or keywords. It offers visualizations to review the competitive landscape, conduct trend analysis, and motivate differentiated ideation and next-generation innovation.

A More Efficient Way To Collaborate

With review-ready exportable reports, IQ Ideas Plus improves collaboration between inventors and IP teams to reduce the overall time to patent. By avoiding costly back-and-forth between departments, while also reducing the need to outsource patentability studies, you can focus your patent committee discussions on relevant information and key strategic analysis. 

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