IQ Ideas Plus™

IQ Ideas Plus™ combines all the power of IQ Ideas™,’s market-leading brainstorming solution with Inventor’s Aide, a quick and accurate way to evaluate the quality of invention disclosures.
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Brainstorming and Evaluation of Invention Disclosures

IQ Ideas is an AI-powered workflow that finds relevant prior art and sparks new ideas for consideration, ideal for engineering and innovation teams looking for novel ways to solve a problem. IQ Ideas Plus goes one step further. Once novel ideas are formulated, the Inventor’s Aide workflow in IQ Ideas Plus helps engineers and scientists write better invention descriptions and scores the ideas for novelty.

Whether you are looking to disclose your invention for patenting, prepare your idea for review by a patent committee, or simply want help on describing your innovative idea, Inventor’s Aide offers suggestions to improve your description, scores the uniqueness of your invention, and provides relevant patents and company information related to your novel idea.

Writing Better Invention Disclosures

Inventor’s Aide improves collaboration between inventors and IP teams to reduce the overall time to patent via its review-ready exportable reports. Inventor’s Aide is easy-to-use and ready for direct deployment to engineers and scientists, facilitating unprecedented time savings. By avoiding costly back-and-forth between departments, while also reducing the need to outsource patentability studies, you can focus your patent committee discussions more quickly on relevant information and key strategic analysis for your business. Inventor’s Aide enables cost reductions of up to 10x, and savings of weeks or even months on your new idea review, helping you get filed at patent offices quicker.

An Intelligent and Collaborative Workflow

This AI-powered tool assists in creating focused invention descriptions by fine-tuning your Problem and Solution statements, using intelligent feedback to help gauge the quality of your description, and offering automatic and custom keywords to quickly focus your review of relevant technologies and prior art. Additionally, the uniqueness of your idea is automatically segmented into one of three novelty categories, to enable automated fast-tracking of your most novel innovations.

Understand Your Competitive Edge

Our metrics automatically provide feedback to improve your invention description and score your idea vs. the top-most relevant documents. It offers visualizations to review the competitive landscape, conduct trend analysis, and motivate differentiated ideation and next-generation innovation.

A Suite of Capabilities

IQ Ideas Plus with Inventor’s Aide combines all the power of’s market-leading brainstorming solutions (IQ Ideas) with a quick and accurate way to evaluate the quality of the invention disclosure descriptions and new idea novelty (IQ Inventor’s Aide). It serves as a critical foundation for’s end-to-end innovation solutions and may be used in concert with’s Innovation Discovery, Analytics, and Publishing Solutions to further accelerate your innovation.