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We are driving innovation forward, faster. Our suite of powerful intellectual property solutions, including innovation analysis tools and patent search services, makes complex data actionable.
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Designed for users throughout the innovation lifecycle, our suite of solutions and services deliver insights and answers.’s intellectual property software is for IP professionals, research and development teams, inventors and entrepreneurs, and more.

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IP Professionals

Determine patent or portfolio evaluation metrics with diagnostic analytics.  Find relevant art, map white space, and visualize competitive activity.

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Research & Development

Increase efficiency with real-time invention novelty scoring. Gain competitor and market position insights to accelerate the intellectual property decision-making process and bring your innovations to market faster.

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Provide a state-of-the-art learning experience to build a complete picture of future trends that cultivates innovation. Our user-friendly patent search is for students, instructors, and libraries.

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Business & Strategy

Learn where competitors are investing, map technology trends, and access patent and litigation data. Our business intelligence tools help innovative companies stay ahead of the competition and monetize their intellectual property. 

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Assess the strength of ideas, evaluate merger and acquisition targets, and prove patent validity. Our U.S.-based patent research services are backed by innovation experts well-versed in shifting technology landscapes.

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“I’ve been working from home and your product is performing perfectly. I can’t imagine being effective without access to this essential tool for IP portfolio management, acquisition, and enforcement.”

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