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As featured on IEEE/Spectrum:

New AI-Based Augmented Innovation Tool Promises to Transform Engineer Problem Solving

AI-enabled software suite helps automate innovation process – from ideation to disclosure submission. Read more…

From Our Clients

I’ve had many constructive interactions with various folks at over the years and it is clearly my most effective patent searching tool — I’ve recommended it to many others.

I’ve been working from home and your product is performing perfectly. I can’t imagine being effective without access to this essential tool for IP portfolio management, acquisition, and enforcement.

Nobody cares how much an inventor likes her patent. An objective patent evaluation is needed of the patent as an asset. I found that in the Patent Vitality Report from The breadth of peer patents analyzed is far beyond what I could have included on my own, giving me the benefit of discovering the market and emerging technology. The identification of strengths and weaknesses fed the construction of claims for my continuation patent. I recommend this service!

Rebecca Chaky, Ph.D.Inventor

Great software. Unrivaled customer service. Their innovation software solution and analytics are best-in-class.

Greg Waite, CEOInventionShare's Prior Art Database is simple and easy to use.

Vinz Frauchigem, Patent ProfessionalYpsomed

InnovationQ Plus is a great value. It provides all the functionality that I consistently use without the high cost of other systems.

Dan Abbas, Director of IPQuality Vision International Inc.

InnovationQ is an integral part of our innovation process. Its semantic search is fast, accurate and easy to use. The analytics and visualizations provide insights that help us drive business decisions.

Frank Razavi, Team LeadLeading National Research University

InnovationQ Plus is a phenomenal tool because it has a powerful combination of Semantic and Boolean patent search capability, and a deep technical literature database. It is a critical tool in our innovation work.

Alan Rae, PhD, DirectorUniversity of Buffalo's New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI)

InnovationQ Plus, and its underlying Semantic Gist search engine, is a powerful tool that delivers fast, useful results. I find it to be a helpful productivity enhancing tool in our innovation process.

Jeff Hayes, IP ManagerThe Procter and Gamble Company

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