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Products and Services

Prior Art Database

To ensure your disclosure is discoverable and defensible, defensively publish to our PAD: the world’s first, largest and most frequently searched prior art database.

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To find all the relevant prior art—even obscure, hidden ideas—and develop a bulletproof monetization strategy, use our proprietary patent search software.

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Professional Search Services

To strategically use your resources and harvest the most relevant results while saving time, outsource your patent searches to our experts for processing and analysis.

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The power and content of InnovationQ are supplemented with data from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization and most trusted voice for engineering, computing and technology information. InnovationQ Plus includes all the features and benefits of InnovationQ, plus over 4,000,000 full-text searchable documents, including more than 230,000 journal and conference papers.

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How clients benefit from our software and services:

Applied research teams in corporations, universities, government agencies and other entities use InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus to accelerate their work. The intuitive interface requires minimal training. The comprehensive database allows users to simultaneously search prior art, patents and full-text IEEE data. Powerful filters and data visualization tools make it fast and easy to uncover relevant art, determine protection strategies, identify competitors and discover opportunities.
Patent attorneys and internal counsel use our products and services to build IP strategies that protect intellectual property, defend against aggressive competitors and leverage assets at every stage of the innovation lifecycle.
IP professionals at innovation-based companies play a crucial role in the innovation pipeline. They use IP.com’s tools to evaluate opportunities, provide valuations, and manage, monetize and protect patent portfolios.

Libraries at colleges and universities around the world subscribe to InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus as part of their mission to provide a competitive, advanced and state-of-the-art learning experience.

Strategists at companies of all sizes rely on IP.com to learn where their competitors are investing, map technology trends and gain access to patent and litigation data that helps them make strategic business decisions about their innovations.

With innovation at high speed and the increasing volume of patent applications, managing the application review and patent granting process is a global problem. Searchers and examiners have to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources. Patent offices can, and do, use IP.com’s software to rapidly determine patentability, swiftly find all relevant prior art, reduce application refiling, increase examiner productivity, and compress the learning curve for new or junior examiners and searchers.