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Top 10 KPIs Your Business Needs

Providing AI-powered tools and analytics is one thing, implementing transformative RoI requires the support of an experienced industry partner.

The Industry's First Guide to Responsible AI in Accelerating Innovation

Unlock the potential of responsible AI in our white paper. Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how’s commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

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From Engineer to Entrepreneur: Empowered For Growth

“Since onboarding the IP Suite, we’ve expanded our services significantly and are now equipped to support our role as a Regional Innovation Cluster for the Small Business Administration.” – Elle Gahl

How a Top Innovator Excels with Solutions

“I start at such an advantage because I know I can use plain English and I’m going to get relevant results immediately to look at and learn from. I don’t have to spend days just trying to find relevant material. I literally type in our invention descriptions or paste in content from white papers. I’m astonished by the results that come back.” – Joe Manico

IP Consultant Improves Efficiency Results with®

“Overall, this is a very powerful toolset that simply isn’t available in other search engines I’ve used” – Steve Bittenson

Defensive publishing provides proactive IP protection

“The Defensive Publishing solutions and Editing Services from have been instrumental in helping us stay ahead of the competition and protecting our valuable IP assets.” – Brandon Hsieh, Netapp


Safeguarding your sensitive data

At, we enforce strict security policies and maintain a secure application design to ensure continued delivery of protected and confidential services that our clients expect.

Empower INNOVAtion with AI 

Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how’s commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

Improve Your Team’s ROI

Providing AI-powered tools and analytics is one thing, implementing transformative ROI requires the support of an experienced industry partner.

Practical Application of Quality Scoring in the PIR Report

Using’s Patent Insight Indexes, business managers can obtain the information needed to effectively identify high and low-quality intellectual assets in both their own portfolio and in competitors’ portfolios.

Understanding the power of defensive publishing

Unlock an important component to protecting your ideas and maximizing ROI with our must-read white paper. Learn why defensive publishing is vital for IP management and how to effectively implement this strategy.

Video Resources

Introducing – AI for the lifecycle of innovation

Harness the ROI potential of innovative change. 


Introducing the Innovation Power Suite

The service offerings of® are more than standalone pieces of software. They form an integrated suite that accelerates innovation. 


Introducing InnovationQ+

InnovationQ+™ is an innovation and IP decision support workflow solution packed with powerful data analytics and competitive insights that enable informed, rapid decisions—reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and accelerating innovation.


The New Way to Protect Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

Sam Baxter, from®, explains how IP protection works and how it can benefit from artificial intelligence.


Manage and Protect Your Intellectual Property

The services of® are built on the expertise of industry professionals and guide businesses through the innovation lifecycle, from innovation consulting to IP management.


Write Better Invention Disclosures

IQ Ideas+™ is an AI-powered workflow that finds relevant prior art and sparks new ideas for consideration, ideal for engineering and innovation teams looking for novel ways to solve a problem. IQ Ideas+ goes one step further.’s Technology Vitality Report with Instant Feedback on Inventions

Improve your invention disclosure review process with less effort. The AI-enabled, automated Technology Vitality Report allows you to quickly rank ideas in a fast, efficient, and transparent way.

Streamline the Invention Evaluation Process

Stay ahead of competitors and optimize your IP strategy with’s Portfolio Intelligence Report (PIR). The PIR takes a comprehensive and qualitative look at patent portfolios. 

Gain Competitive Intelligence with InnovationQ+™

Accelerate your research and development work with InnovationQ+TM. A powerful and proprietary semantic engine that enables you to quickly identify prior art references related to the novelty or obviousness of an invention.

Visualize Your Patent Search

See what’s different in your intellectual property space with InnovationQ+®‘s semantic map, providing a picture of useful information that shows how you measure up to your competition.

Who is

Learn more about’s professional intellectual property products and services that can benefit your organization. We are improving the world through innovation and helping companies get to market faster.

Driving Innovation Forward, Faster with our Technology Vitality Report and AIDE

Organizations that process large volumes of ideas are intent on accelerating innovation to get key technologies protected, and get to market faster.

Driving Innovation Forward

Discover our new AI-based solution that delivers real-time novelty and market position scoring.

Technology Vitality Report Introduction

This video is an overview of the features and benefits the Technology Vitality Report has to offer.

How to Defensively Publish

Learn how to defensively publish your disclosures with by watching this quick and easy video tutorial.

How to Find Surprising Insights in Your Prior Art Search

Make sure there is no easy way to design around your patent.’s CTO Sam Baxter shows you how to find surprising insights in your prior art search.

Patent Analytics for the C-Suite’s CTO Sam Baxter shows you how to provide patent analytics for the c-suite in this video.

Integrate Financial Info into Patent Data with Corporate Tree

Ready to know what companies are doing in your intellectual property space? With InnovationQ+TM and Corporate Tree, you have the ability to develop a complete portfolio of your competitors.

Improve Patent Ideation and Monetization with InnovationQ®

With semantic search and advanced Boolean query, InnovationQ+TM is the perfect tool for patent ideation and precise patent analysis.


Safe, Secure & Trustworthy AI: Using AI Today to Drive ROI and Innovation

Watch our recent webinar, “Safe, Secure & Trustworthy AI,” presented with IPWatchdog on November 2. Delve into how, a leader in AI-powered IP workflow solutions, has laid a foundation for secure, responsible, and ethical AI to drive business-critical ROI and revolutionize the industry.

Women & Intellectual Property: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity

IPWatchdog and®  celebrated WIPO’s World IP Day by focusing on the contributions of women to the innovation and IP industries. Renee Quinn of IPWatchdog hosted this incredibly engaging, informative, and inspirational webinar.

Future-Proofing IP Workflows in the Face of Economic Headwinds

It’s more imperative than ever to optimize IP workflows to drive better bottom-line results – that can mean better productivity, reduced costs, or better competitive standing. IPWatchdog, Canon USA, and discuss the most significant areas of opportunity to tackle in today’s rapidly evolving innovation economy.


IPWatchdog and® discussed the most effective approaches to visualize and analyze competitive IP landscapes and how IP departments can and should communicate with the C-suite to deliver the best work product supporting overall corporate objectives.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In The Invention Disclosure Process

For many years, Boolean Logic has been the gold standard for searching for patents and invention disclosures; for some, it still is. But as every patent professional knows, Boolean Logic, as good as it is, has significant limitations. Indeed, relevant content necessary for accurate evaluations can often be excluded from even the most intensive searches.

Protect Your Most Important Asset – Intellectual Property

In any modern enterprise, but especially in the engineering industries, the generation of knowledge is the fundamental metric of enterprise value. That knowledge, aggregated as software code, engineering drawings, specifications, methods, procedures, and management structures, defines the business, whether it is a single engineer consultancy or a giant manufacturing firm.

A Faster Way to Find and Validate New Ideas

For companies large and small, engineers and scientists are the life blood of innovation – from the development of new ideas to drafting winning invention disclosures – and they are often pressured by time constraints. Learn how new AI tools can increase the speed and quality of problem solving and idea output. 

Facilitating & Augmenting Innovation w/ Artificial Intelligence

Join Gene Quinn, the founder of and one of the top IP strategists in the world, for a wide-ranging conversation about facilitating and augmenting invention disclosures using artificial intelligence. 

Innovation Triage: Identifying What is Ripe to Pursue Today

Innovation requires resources, and resources will become hard to come by in the coming months and quarters as the result of the global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Indeed, during times of economic turmoil businesses of all sizes feel immense pressure to cut back on unnecessary spending. But what exactly is “unnecessary spending” for innovative companies?

Looking Under the Hood: AI and the Evolution of Search

Ever wonder what is happening under the AI hood? Or, how it has evolved in the last few years into what it is today? An area of exploding growth is in the use of AI tools in the Intellectual Property space.

Automating Your Innovation Workflow

Learn about the cutting-edge AI-enabled methodology that performs real-time evaluation and scoring of invention disclosures for novelty and market position.

Leveraging AI, Patent & Technical Data to Drive Business Decisions

In this session, Jasmindar Brar joins us from Titan Medical to discuss how companies of all sizes are leveraging artificial intelligence to make better R&D, Innovation, Strategy and Intellectual Property decisions.