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The Power of InnovationQ+TM

brought to you in a low-cost, flexible, monthly subscription.

The Power of InnovationQ+TM

brought to you in a low-cost, flexible, monthly subscription.

To maximize the innovation process, you need the right tools, solutions, and analytics. Free IP search tools, manual processes, and lack of data transparency are insufficient and® is dedicated to providing the answer. Introducing the friction-free, flexible alternative to your expensive IP solution—we’re delivering all of the secure, trusted, and comprehensive innovation, ideation, and analytics power of InnovationQ+ in a low-cost monthly subscription package that you can expand upon, pause, or renew at any time, all at your fingertips! Innovation is the key to a successful future for all and with technology, entrepreneurship, and patent applications on the rise, it’s important now more than ever to make the innovation process convenient, accessible, and affordable for all.

Are you an IP Professional?

Needing an IP search & analytics solution for business-critical insights that is flexible and secure, built to help you optimize, monetize, and protect your client’s patent portfolios? Get started with a monthly subscription to InnovationQ+ and see for yourself why it’s the industry leader in innovation and IP workflow optimization. 

Are you a Lawyer?

Needing a flexible IP search, analytics, & competitive intelligence solution built by an industry leader secure, ITAR compliant vendor? We know your expertise and guidance can be invaluable in navigating the complex patent landscape, maximizing the value of your client’s intellectual property, and protecting your clients’ inventions. Get started with a solution you can trust by signing up for a monthly subscription to InnovationQ+.

Are you an Engineer?

Needing innovation-critical R&D insights? Are you tired of using inadequate or free patent search tools that don’t offer the analytics you need to innovate efficiently? Now there’s a low-cost alternative to expensive annual contracts. You can use our industry-leading solution, InnovationQ+, for a low cost monthly subsction or even a single day-pass purchase. 

The Value

A whole new way to Innovate

InnovationQ+ is part of the IP Suite, a robust set of software solutions and analytics that offer competitive data analytics, streamline innovation workflows from ideation to application, and maximize costs. has now revolutionized the way you can access comprehensive, AI-powered IP and competitive insights by offering this self-serve access to our flagship workflow solution InnovationQ+ in three tiers, as well as a custom Enterprise plan that can be easily configured to meet any customer’s current or growing needs.

At present, professionals are faced with using substandard or inadequate free options that allow basic R&D research, competitor data, and patent and non-patent literature searches that are insufficient. While the tools do provide data for free – the content is woefully inadequate to inform, shape, and drive innovation and/or competitive/strategic decisions on any level. 

If you’re looking to streamline your innovation workflow, innovate faster, and achieve greater ROI, this the best way in the market today to invest in our AI technology.

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