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Whether you’re looking to conceive, validate, evaluate, protect, target, or monetize your highest-potential ideas, our Innovation Power Suite Workflow Solutions are designed to fuel faster innovation, smarter workflows, and greater ROI. Say goodbye to complexity and errors with our user-friendly, proprietary AI technology.


The Industry's First Guide to Responsible AI in Accelerating Innovation

Unlock the potential of responsible AI in our white paper. Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how's commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

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Watch our recent webinar, "Safe, Secure & Trustworthy AI," presented with IPWatchdog on November 2. Delve into how, a leader in AI-powered IP workflow solutions, has laid a foundation for secure, responsible, and ethical AI to drive business-critical ROI and revolutionize the industry.

Introducing a New Way to Purchase the Powerful, AI-Driven InnovationQ+

It's time to discover a new, powerful patent workflow solution to data analytics and competitive insights that enables informed, rapid decisions—reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and accelerating innovation. Choose from one of four flexible on-demand plans to fit your needs and the best part is you can upgrade or switch plans as your needs change.

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