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Fulfill your mission to provide a competitive, advanced, state-of-the-art learning experience. Our accurate, user-friendly patent search tools benefit students, instructors, libraries, and innovation centers with technology transfer offices. Libraries at colleges and universities worldwide subscribe to the Innovation Power SuiteTM as part of their mission to provide a competitive, advanced, and state-of-the-art learning experience.

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What if You Could Avoid Section 103 and 102 Rejections?

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The Industry's First Guide to Responsible AI in Accelerating Innovation

Unlock the potential of responsible AI in our white paper. Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how's commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

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TEchnology Transfer Offices

Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) play a critical role in universities, research institutions, and companies by managing the process of transferring innovative technologies and research findings from academia to the commercial sector. The primary objective of tech transfer offices is to further support the institution or organization’s mission to not only advance research outcomes, but broadcast those innovations to positively affect society.

Challenges & Solutions

When TTOs are operating with limited staff, there may be only a few team members available to manage the TTO. Inefficient internal processes and strained communication channels can also make the success of this patent process difficult. software and solutions help TTOs organize and track patent applications, granted patents, maintenance fees, and legal actions associated with each patent. Our proprietary semantic search engine is a powerful yet intuitive search platform, delivering relevant patent documents and technical literature quickly and accurately. This ensures that TTOs can monitor and protect their intellectual property effectively and efficiently to maximize patent success.


AcademiC Audiences

Instructors & Research Groups

InnovationQ+ delivers a deep awareness of the technology landscape. Our proprietary software allows instructors to teach the value of reviewing patents as a critical part of research.


Libraries & University Systems

InnovationQ+ offers a platform for collaboration and information sharing. It can link scientific, engineering, and business academics with incubators and innovation centers to power collaborative research.



Innovation Centers & Tech

Surface incredible insights without complex queries with InnovationQ+. Innovation centers and technology transfer offices can quickly identify licensing targets or help licensees find their technology.


Tailored Solutions

IQ Ideas+™

IQ Ideas+™ is unique in the market, filling a gap that traditional problem-solving tools and methodologies fail to address. It helps innovators and engineers generate and refine ideas with the most significant potential at the source of the process—before precious time and resources are wasted—so you can accelerate ROI.

Technology Vitality Report

Our Technology Vitality Report uses a proprietary AI engine to power comprehensive IP evaluation, allowing you to rank ideas in a fast, efficient, and transparent way. Get fast and thorough decisions with our Technology Vitality Report (TVR) and improve your review process with less effort.


InnovationQ+ is an innovation and IP decision support workflow solution packed with powerful data analytics and competitive insights that enable informed, rapid decisions throughout the lifecycle—reducing costs, maximizing ROI and accelerating innovation.

Defensive Publishing

Defensive publishing is the intentional and purposeful publication of innovation into the public domain. It is a cost-effective IP strategy that discloses aspects of your invention, so it becomes prior art.

Patents in Academia News
How R&D can learn to stop worrying and love AI

How R&D can learn to stop worrying and love AI

AI is bound to change up every aspect of the business, and R&D is no exception. The obvious way things will change include the new products engineers and R&D teams come up with. But from a leadership perspective, it’s also important to anticipate how AI will change the way R&D engineers do their jobs in the first place.

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Generative AI Makes Innovators Competitive, Not Looking for Jobs

Generative AI Makes Innovators Competitive, Not Looking for Jobs

As the adoption of AI technologies continues to accelerate, it is imperative for innovators to embrace responsible AI practices to ensure the ethical and legal integrity of their inventions. By adhering to the USPTO guidelines and considering ethical considerations throughout the innovation lifecycle, innovators can harness the full potential of AI while mitigating risks and maximizing societal benefits.

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