Technology Vitality Report

Our automated Technology Vitality Report (TVR) utilizes our proprietary AI-engine, Semantic Gist™, to rank ideas.

Our proprietary AI powers comprehensive IP evaluation, allowing you to fast-track novel ideas.

Our automated Technology Vitality Report (TVR) utilizes our proprietary AI-engine, Semantic Gist™, to rank ideas in a fast, efficient, and transparent way. Utilizing this type of IP research accelerates the decision-making process that prioritizes workflow. The result is a process that fast-tracks novel ideas and returns those that need further exploration to the inventor.

Our AI-augmented Novelty Scoring enables rapid feedback between patent review committees, patent agents and attorneys, and inventors. Help secure earlier filing dates on your critical innovations and increase inventor satisfaction. This process may be performed on a per report basis or batched for your invention pipeline. Integration with’s InnovationQ makes a review of prior art or a competitive landscape just a click away.

Get to Market Faster

Our IP evaluation incorporates predictive analytics and workflow solutions to help teams validate R&D ideas. Your business will be able to make better innovation decisions – faster.

Organizations processing many ideas are intent on accelerating innovation to get key technologies protected and get to market faster. With potentially hundreds of ideas being generated weekly, review and evaluation is a timely and expensive process.

When the goal is to increase internal efficiency, reduce outsourcing costs, and achieve favorable patent actions, our Technology Vitality Report is your IP evaluation solution. Our AI-driven technology expedites the process of invention disclosure review. Your organization will be able to accelerate the important task of determining whether to patent, publish, or keep the technology a trade secret.

Actionable Data to Drive Business Decisions

The TVR uses machine learning and statistical analysis of prior art to evaluate the strength of an idea or individual technology. This AI-enabled solution delivers real-time novelty and market position scoring. It uses patent-pending IP evaluation methodology to help teams ‘rank’ ideas with enhanced accuracy by using a patented blend of semantic signatures and keyword models.

AI within the engine scores the novelty of a concept and generates an objective score related to your invention disclosure. This quick, objective feedback enables you and your review committee to prioritize the disclosure pipeline and make value-based decisions in real time. The TVR is more than a report; this tool creates a process.

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  • Calculates an unbiased, objective score that facilitates quick decision making
  • Streamlines a manual process by automating assessment of ideas
  • Scores each technology to help determine whether to patent, publish, or keep the technology a trade secret
  • Serves as a bridge between R&D departments and IP teams
  • Shortens the innovation cycle by giving engineers an objective analysis of the concept faster
  • Enables stronger patent applications, due to more insight on why the idea is imitative or novel
  • Streamlines work of internal counsel and may reduce need for incurring consultant fees using outside counsel
  • Secures batch uploads of invention disclosures into an internal docketing system or allows results to be exported


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